Dr. Irina Introduces the Groundbreaking Podcast ‘Cures, Remedies and Beyond’

Exploring the Intersection of Medicine, Innovation, Spirituality and Wellness.

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The Cures, Remedies and Beyond podcast, hosted by Dr. Irina, a Stanford-trained medical doctor and founder of Comprehensive Spine and Sports, a regenerative non-surgical orthopedics clinic in the Bay Area, is bringing together the science of medicine and the art of healing.

Dr. Irina, as she is known, engages in discussions with health and wellness experts, medical doctors, healthcare providers, and industry leaders, as well as innovators, philosophers, and spiritual leaders. These episodes offer health and wellness seekers practical tips to optimize health and wellbeing while presenting thought-provoking discussions with an impressive lineup of inspiring and often well-known guests. 

In one episode, Dr. Irina talks with Daniel Kottke. As one of the first employees of Apple, Kottke was a personal friend of Steve Jobs and together they embarked on a spiritual pilgrimage to India while they were both in college.

Additionally, listeners can expect to hear from Professor Kenneth Salisbury, a leading specialist in medical robotics at Stanford who was behind the development of the famous DaVinci surgical robot.

In another episode, Dr. Joseph Purita, an orthopedic surgeon renowned for his expertise in sports medicine and stem cell therapeutics, shares his knowledge on the cutting-edge regenerative and anti-aging treatments that help his patients and saved many careers of leading athletes he treats.

These guests and many more will be on the podcast. The "Cures, Remedies and Beyond" podcast aims to educate, inspire, and help listeners on their journey towards optimal health, vitality, and fulfillment.

Listen to the "Cures, Remedies and Beyond" podcast on Spotify and subscribe for future episodes.

Host Bio

Dr. Irina  – Stanford-trained medical doctor, inventor, and a published author with over 30 years of clinical experience, with specialty in sports and spine rehabilitation, regenerative and non-surgical orthopedics. She completed her training in general surgery and a residency in physical medicine and rehabilitation at Stanford University Hospital. In addition, she is a fellowship trained in non-surgical orthopedics, interventional spinal procedures, and sports rehabilitation. She utilizes cutting-edge conventional and alternative medicine approaches and is an expert and early pioneer in the field of regenerative non-surgical orthopedics in the San Francisco Bay Area and has been teaching many doctors on regenerative treatments, using therapeutic growth factors, patients' own plasma or bone marrow and other tissues, to augment healing, improve structural damage and help patients to return to their healthy and functional life. Dr. Irina has strong interest in holistic medical approaches: She did post-graduate studies in medical acupuncture, European botanical medicines, and many Eastern and Western treatment modalities.

Contact Information:
Dr. Irina M
[email protected]
(415) 3885-3808

Original Source: Dr. Irina Introduces the Groundbreaking Podcast 'Cures, Remedies and Beyond'

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