THE MASLOW CONSPIRACY: Stunning Conclusion to Mac Sisco Trilogy by Lou Earle Available 1 June 24

The Maslow Conspiracy

The Mac Sisco Trilogy by Lou Earle

The Mac Sisco Trilogy by Lou Earle

Phot of Lou Earle

Lou Earle

Maslow is book three of The Mac Sisco Trilogy, a cabalistic spy thriller series brought to you by PHiR Publishing

With twists and turns aplenty, this gripping conclusion delivers a satisfying resolution to the series’ overarching mysteries while keeping readers guessing until the very end.”

— The Prairies Book Review

SAN ANTONIO, TX, UNITED STATES, May 16, 2024 / — Author Lou Earle and PHiR Publishing present THE MASLOW CONSPIRACY–the long awaited and explosive capstone to the sociopolitical / spy thriller Mac Sisco Trilogy. Maslow continues the story of NSA super agent Mac Sisco and Team Apogee. Book one, Apogee, was released in 2022 followed by The Typhon Affair in 2023. Maslow releases worldwide on 1 June 2024.

SYNOPSIS: A year has passed since the Apogee case was closed. Mac Sisco is enjoying a well-deserved vacation when he gets a call from National Security Agency Director Admiral James Clausen. The NSA intercepted a string of disturbing message traffic from unknown sources in Venezuela. The chatter increases dramatically and begins to include responses from more unknowns in the United States. Then the alarm bells at the agency begin to go off.

What begins as a relatively routine field investigation in Maracaibo quickly escalates as Mac follows the breadcrumbs to Valencia and a defunct petrochemical plant. With time, Mac begins to believe the only way forward is to mount a complex and extremely risky operation, one that could backfire and jeopardize the whole mission.

Mac Sisco quickly finds himself in a race against time to thwart a diabolical scheme involving friend and foe that threatens global stability from the inside out. As he risks everything to peel back layer after layer, a maze of deceit is revealed that extends to the highest levels. The NSA’s vast resources are just not enough to slow the evil juggernaut’s plans to control all of mankind, which culminate in the launch of its final directive and the elimination of Mac Sisco.

FROM THE AUTHOR: The Maslow Conspiracy is the third and final book of the Apogee Trilogy, and continues its theme of global control. Within, the reader is presented with a new and eminently plausible conspiracy, the origins of which one might find indistinguishable from current events. Mac Sisco faces an even greater challenge in book three due to the breadth and power of the antagonists, and because he ultimately realizes the evil initiative had been planned long ago and is already well underway. It occurred to me as I conceptualized the story that this book poses a very disturbing and salient question: Could this actually be happening in the real world, right now, and if so, who is pulling the strings?



“The situations of pulling a political thread to reveal multiple, potentially disastrous events, not knowing whom or what to trust as the web is revealed and untangled, and a race against time are three components in the story that the author handles with consummate skill.” – U.S. Review of Books

“High-octane action, twists of plot that test characters and lead to questions about what situations they’re actually tackling and how they are resolving them, and the intersection of personalities who concurrently address their own ideals, successes, and failures makes for heady thriller reading.” – Midwest Book Review

“With twists and turns aplenty, this gripping conclusion delivers a satisfying resolution to the series’ overarching mysteries while keeping readers guessing until the very end.” – The Prairies Book Review

Lou Earle is a writer, entrepreneur, and business executive with roots in corporate America. He is the author of The Mac Sisco Trilogy, a cabalistic spy thriller series. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and served four years in the United States Navy as a member of the Naval Security Group during the Vietnam War. He spent his final two years of service at the National Security Agency (NSA) in Fort Meade, Maryland. Lou was the founding Chairman of Badgerdog Literary Publishing Company, a not-for-profit that published the literary digest American Short Fiction and provided outreach writing courses through Youth Voices in Ink for disenfranchised children in central Texas. He is also the owner, CEO, and publisher of Austin Fit Magazine, a health and fitness magazine. Married with three children and three grandchildren, Lou and his wife Lynne live on a ranch in Wimberley, Texas with a menagerie of furry friends including one miniature bull, four dogs, two chickens, and a marvelous Rag Doll cat

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