Fandomdao and ICP.Hub Korea Unite to Expedite the Fusion of Blockchain Technology and Worldwide Fan Engagement

Fandomdao and ICP.Hub Korea Unite to Expedite the Fusion of Blockchain Technology and Worldwide Fan Engagement

SINGAPORE, March 2, 2024 / — Fandomdao, the highly anticipated social platform celebrated globally for its innovative fusion of altruism and fan engagement, proudly announces its strategic alliance with ICP.Hub Korea, a decentralized network enriching the public internet with autonomous serverless cloud capabilities.

On Feb 26th, Fandomdao and ICP formalized a partnership by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (“MoU”). This momentous occasion marks the commencement of a joint initiative aimed at propelling the integration of blockchain technology and global fan engagement to new heights. As part of this initiative, Fandomdao is actively considering the prospect of deploying its platform on the ICP infrastructure in the foreseeable future as it continues to champion multichain integration.

The MoU sets the stage for a long-term alliance between Fandomdao and ICP, focusing on their endeavors in the realm of SocialFi and decentralized computing, respectively. Notable components of this partnership encompass cooperative marketing campaigns, sharing of networking resources, as well as potential deployment on the ICP network.

Fandomdao, celebrated for its groundbreaking fusion of altruism and fan engagement, has rapidly become a beacon of success in the digital landscape. With over one million new user sign-ups in less than a month and an impressive overall active participation rate of 95.7%, Fandomdao stands as a testament to the power of community-driven platforms. Its innovative approach not only fosters deep engagement but also represents a bridge between Web2 and Web3.

Delving into the elements that contribute to Fandomdao’s remarkable prowess reveals the heart of its groundbreaking strategy: the Fandomdao Challenge — an extraordinary initiative that harnesses the collective power of fan engagement and philanthropy. At its core, this innovative approach ingeniously amalgamates fan votes on preferred topics with a culture of sharing, creating a unique blend of interactive participation and altruistic endeavors. This strategy stands as a testament to Fandomdao’s ability to swiftly and effectively captivate and mobilize a substantial audience.

The latest installment, ‘Fandomdao Challenge 2’, showcasing the exhilarating voting process for the prestigious 2024 Billboard Music Awards, has ignited an electrifying wave of enthusiasm. Within just a week, it has amassed an impressive ~800,000 participating votes, with Taylor Swift leading the pack with approximately ~70,000 votes, buoyed by her devoted “Swifies”. As the voting window remains open until 5 a.m. (UTC) on March 18th, fan communities worldwide are eagerly participating in this thrilling initiative, underscoring the global resonance and transformative impact of Fandomdao’s innovative approach to fan engagement and philanthropy.

Fandomdao is thrilled about this partnership with ICP as it presents an accelerated pathway for traditional web users to embrace the decentralized future. ICP, a pioneering force in distributed blockchain networks, recognizes the remarkable adoption of Fandomdao. With its infinitely scalable architecture and state-of-the-art security measures, ICP provides users with rapid connectivity and robust support for decentralized applications (“dApps”) through canister smart contracts. The potential integration facilitates the seamless execution of complex operations, leveraging the robust infrastructure of ICP to bolster Fandomdao’s functionalities. Through optimized interoperability and enhanced scalability, this collaboration unlocks new avenues for innovation, positioning both platforms at the forefront of technological advancement in the digital landscape.

Fandomdao’s native token, $FAND, is scheduled to make its debut on centralized exchange on March 5th. Stay tuned as the official list of exchange will be unveiled on March 4th.

About Fandomdao

Fandomdao stands as a revolutionary Web3.0 social networking platform tailored for global fandoms, ranging from renowned K-POP idols to emerging artists worldwide. It serves as a vibrant hub where enthusiasts converge to communicate, share, and indulge in abundant entertainment offerings. Boasting over one million users, Fandomdao redefines fan engagement, offering a seamless blend of community interaction and immersive content experiences in the Web3.0 realm.

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ICP is a fully decentralized web3 cloud platform that allows developers to deploy code directly to the blockchain without the need for servers or other centralized infrastructure. The fast, low-cost and easily scalable protocol establishes a new paradigm for how a decentralized web3 platform truly operates. ICP provides the same functionality as centralized clouds but with cost-efficient computation, enhanced security, and high processing speeds native to decentralized technology.

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