Rising Suns Agency Launches Media Platform: Real Vibe Podcast, Real Vibe TV, and the Bread Hustlers by RSA Studios

Rising Suns Agency Launches Media Platform: Real Vibe Podcast, Real Vibe TV, and the Bread Hustlers by RSA Studios

Rising Suns Agency, announces the launch of a thrilling media platform RSA Studios: Real Vibe Podcast/Real Vibe TV, The Bread Hustlers, Let’s Eat, and more.

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, USA, February 27, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Rising Suns Agency, a leading social media influencer agency specializing in connecting talents and brands, has announced the launch of a thrilling media platform RSA Studios forming: Real Vibe Podcast, Real Vibe TV, The Bread Hustlers, Let’s Eat Series, and more. This is a one-of-a-kind platform that boosts the connection between influencers, celebrities, and business owners.

Staying clear of scripted content, Real Vibe TV and Real Vibe Podcast promise to unveil real-life experiences of influencers and celebrities, making it stand out from the crowd. Through meaningful interactions, this media network aims to reshape the way celebrities and influencers engage with audiences.

‘’With Real Vibe TV and Real Vibe Podcast, Rising Suns Agency aims to serve the audiences with more entertaining yet authentic content. I believe in humanizing the social media presence of public figures, and with this platform, they can talk about themselves, from their social life to personal life experiences,’’ Alex Sunshine, the Founder of Rising Suns Agency, said on the occasion.

While explaining the aim of launching this venture, Mr. Gilbert stated, “We started this media network to fulfill the growing demands of our audiences for genuine connections where they can know about their favorite personalities, without any filters.’’

From video series to podcasts and live events, Real Vibe TV and Real Vibe Podcast offer a diverse range of content formats to talents, brands, athletes, and businesses to express their true selves and share their stories and expertise in a real way.

Robert Gilbert, President, believes in the power of collaboration. “At Rising Suns Agency, we deal with different customers, including talents, influencers, and businesses of diverse backgrounds, under the same roof. Our new media platform, help us create an ecosystem where professionals collaborate and bring their perspectives on social media. We are excited about the potential impact of our media network,” he said.

In an era where people tend to gain popularity through superficial tactics, Real Vibe aims for authenticity and invites different personalities to share their true vibe with the audiences. Additionally, by leveraging this platform, business owners, influencers, and celebrities can reach a wider audience, amplify their voices, and drive meaningful engagement.

“RSA Studios feels like a family. Besides reflecting our ideology of connecting people, it offers a platform where like-minded people collaborate. The way co-hosts communicate with different personalities and make communications enjoyable is remarkable. They are real heroes in building and growing this engine,” Mr. Gilbert said.

Entertaining people as comedian, actor and content creator, Jacoby Ray, is the part of RSA Studios and hosting Real Vibe Podcasts in an amazing way. With his sense of humor he is sure to tickle your funny bone and his creativity will definitely bring innovative yet real content for the viewers.

Also joining the lineup at the RSA Studios is Aaron Inman, a renowned name in the college sports and media especially podcasting and radio. His commitment, creative-mindset and years of experience in understanding the emerging platforms has earned Aaron a great reputation in the field.

About Real Vibe

Launched by Rising Suns Agency / RSA Studios, Real Vibe TV and Real Vibe Podcast are a media network where you can watch the interviews of your favorite people in entertainment. From food vlogs to travel vlogs and other entertaining content, it has got you covered. The goal of the platform is to foster organic interactions and explore the real-life experiences of famous personalities.

About Rising Suns Agency

Dedicated to helping brands and talent grow in the digital era, Rising Suns Agency is a social media influencer agency that aims to connect brands and influencers. With a fully customized and data-centric approach, it helps creators boost their online presence and drive more conversions and sales. Moreover, the agency enables people to live better lives through influencer marketing.

If you have any media inquiries, please contact: https://risingsunsagency.com/about-us

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