Indie blockbuster “No Man’s Law” draws big streaming audience world-wide

“No Man’s Law” stars Richard Douglas Jensen as an ex-border patrol agent who rescues a migrant child.

Ex-Border Patrol agent Dee Duncklee rescues a migrant girl in “No Man’s Law.”

“No Man’s Law” focuses on the rights of migrant girls to be with their families and not in Border Patrol cages.

Human rights film focuses on the human rights of migrants on the US/Mexico border.

How we treat immigrants says much about our character as human beings. As Dee says in the movie, ‘what’s right is right and what’s wrong is wrong, or have we all forgotten that?’”

— Richard Douglas Jensen

HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA, UNITED STATES, March 1, 2024 / — “No Man’s Law,” an Alabama-made independent film, is drawing big streaming audiences worldwide.

Suicidal ex-Border Patrol agent Dee Duncklee blames himself for letting a migrant family drown in the Rio Grande River a decade ago. He believes his soul is cursed, as the fallout from the tragedy cost him his marriage and the death of his son.

He unknowingly rescues an undocumented migrant girl who hides in the back of his truck. When Dee discovers her and learns her plight, he decides that, rather than turn her over to the Border Patrol for deportation, he will bring her to her parents, who are migrant laborers working on a farm in Alabama. There’s one big problem – it’s illegal, and to do this means he’s committing human trafficking. A manhunt ensues but Dee will obey no man’s law in his quest to return the migrant girl to her parents.

No Man’s Law is action-packed drama, with a serious human rights message.

Huntsville, Alabama-based writer, producer, director and star Richard Douglas Jensen financed the film and shot it in Texas, Alabama, and Mexico. The film also stars Natalia Bilbao, Michael V. Jordan and famed character actor Kelly Reno, who starred in Francis Ford Coppola’s “The Black Stallion.”

“No Man’s Law” has won over 160 awards at film festivals worldwide, including 11 Best Picture awards and 10 Best Director awards and 10 Best Actor awards for Jensen. The film was a sensation at film festivals in India, where the human rights of women and girls are the subject of much debate.

Also, “No Man’s Law” won Best Human Rights Film at Madonie, Italy.

Released by ITN Distribution in early 2023, “No Man’s Law” has over 600,500 streams worldwide – a massive success for a micro-budget independent film.

Just released in South Africa, “No Man’s Law” has 166,666 streams in less than 60 days.

Jensen said as populations in Gaza, Ukraine, Sudan, Syria, Yemen, Mexico and Central America are displaced by war and famine, human rights of migrants are very much on the minds of people worldwide.

“I’m thrilled that ‘No Man’s Law’ has touched the hearts and minds of movie fans worldwide. It’s an important story that’s still a massive controversy globally. How do we treat the immigrants we encounter? What about their human rights?” Jensen said.

“How we treat immigrants says much about our character as human beings,” Jensen said. “As Dee says in the movie, ‘what’s right is right and what’s wrong is wrong, or have we all forgotten that?’”

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