ASTCT, AACI, and ACCC Launch RECUR Initiative to Enhance Patient Access to CAR T Therapy

The American Society for Transplantation and Cellular Therapy (ASTCT), the Association of American Cancer Institutes (AACI), and the Association of Community Cancer Centers (ACCC) recently announced the RECUR initiative. The initiative is a collaboration among these organizations, aimed at revolutionizing the evaluation process for CAR T therapy, focusing on five crucial factors to ensure timely and personalized care.

CAR T therapy has demonstrated remarkable potential in the treatment of relapsed/refractory large B-cell lymphoma (LBCL), offering new, more effective therapy to patients with relapsed disease, some who have already exhausted traditional treatment options. However, identifying eligible candidates and facilitating access to CAR T therapy necessitates an awareness of several key considerations by referring oncologists, including:

1. Relapsed/Refractory LBCL: Most patients with relapsed or refractory LBCL can be considered for CAR T cell therapy. Recognizing the patient's medical history and examining their response to previous treatments plays a pivotal role in determining their eligibility.

2. Every Age and Comorbidity: Age and existing medical conditions should not hinder patients from accessing potentially curative CAR T therapy. The RECUR initiative emphasizes personalized care for patients of all ages and backgrounds.

3. Caregiver Support: Acknowledging the vital role of caregivers and the necessary support systems is essential. Their involvement significantly impacts a patient's treatment and wellbeing.

4. Urgency to Refer the Patient for Consult: Identifying the urgency to refer patients for CAR-T cell consultation ensures timely access to life-saving therapies, providing patients with the best opportunity for a positive outcome.

5. Receive Patients Returning Post-CAR T Therapy: Recognizing the potential need for follow-up care after CAR T therapy is vital. Ensuring appropriate infrastructure and support for these patients after their cell therapy allows for seamless continuity of care.

Through the RECUR initiative, ASTCT, AACI, and AACC aim to empower oncologists, healthcare professionals, and patients alike with an understanding of the factors necessary for successful CAR T therapy, and the importance of early and timely referral for consultation with a center with expertise. By streamlining the efficiency of the referral process and fostering collaboration among medical experts, this initiative seeks to enhance patient outcomes and expand access to life-saving treatments.

Peter Riedell, MD, chair of AACI's CAR T Initiative Steering Committee, expressed his commitment to the initiative, stating, "The launch of RECUR marks an important milestone in advancing personalized care for cancer patients. By focusing on these key factors and promoting collaboration, we can optimize and achieve equal access to the delivery of CAR T therapy to those who need it most, regardless of age, comorbidities, or previous treatment history."

In collaboration with leading experts in the field, the RECUR initiative is set to host educational programs, provide resources, and create a platform for knowledge exchange to support healthcare professionals and patients in navigating the complexities of CAR T therapy.

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About ASTCT:

The American Society for Transplantation and Cellular Therapy (ASTCT) is an international professional society dedicated to improving the lives of blood and marrow transplant and cellular therapy patients. ASTCT represents more than 3,900 physicians, investigators, and other health care professionals from more than 45 countries. Our mission is dedicated to improving the application and success of blood and marrow transplantation and related cellular therapies. We strive to be the leading organization promoting research, education, and clinical practice in the field. For more information about ASTCT, visit

About AACI:

The Association of American Cancer Institutes (AACI) represents over 100 premier academic and freestanding cancer centers in the United States and Canada. AACI is accelerating progress against cancer by enhancing the impact of academic cancer centers and promoting cancer health equity. For more information about AACI, visit

About ACCC:

The Association of Community Cancer Centers (ACCC) is a powerful community of more than 34,000 multidisciplinary practitioners and 1,700 cancer programs and practices nationwide. Founded in 1974, ACCC brings together healthcare professionals across all disciplines in oncology to promote quality cancer care. It is estimated that 65 percent of the nation's cancer patients are treated by a member of ACCC. For more information about ACCC, visit

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Original Source: ASTCT, AACI, and ACCC Launch RECUR Initiative to Enhance Patient Access to CAR T Therapy

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