Yunu Delivers a New Imaging Workflow Paradigm for Investigator-Initiated Trials

Investigators rapidly activate sites, expand trial reach, and achieve real-time data oversight with a complete and affordable cloud-based research imaging platform.

Yunu, creator of a first-of-kind clinical trial imaging workflow, reading, and data management platform, is extending the reach of investigator-initiated trials (IITs) into broader and more diverse communities while harmonizing trial data on its unified cloud-based platform. By leveraging the Yunu ecosystem, Principal Investigators (PIs) are lowering costs, accelerating trial timelines, and improving the accuracy of cross-site IIT research.

Effective collaboration and data management is essential for investigator-initiated trials that need to bridge the gaps associated with reaching patients beyond their primary institution while managing tight budget constraints. Traditionally, multi-site IITs have been fraught with logistical challenges, communication barriers, quality issues leading to assessment errors and protocol violations, and administrative complexities as PIs must often rely on disparate systems and paper-based approaches to manage the tracking of study scheduling, image measurement, patient response, billing, and data storage. Furthermore, fragmented and multi-channel communication has led to trial delays, inefficiencies, and non-compliance. Recognizing these challenges, Yunu empowers PIs to collaborate and coordinate their research endeavors seamlessly by leveraging the innovative platform already in place across over 20% of NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Centers.

Principal Investigators and their study staff can now rapidly stand-up trials, add new trial sites, securely manage multi-site data, connect to qualified readers in the Yunuverse, and gain real-time visibility through a single, comprehensive trial dashboard. These collective insights accelerate decision-making and help investigators understand the early signals affecting trial outcomes in real-time. With user-friendly tools for site data de-identification and upload, secure permission-based access rights, and streamlined trial imaging assessment workflow, trial setup and coordination can be centralized while site participation tasks remain harmonized.

"We are ushering in a new era of connected clinical trial workflow to revolutionize the way research is conducted and accelerate the translation of scientific discoveries into real-world impact more quickly," said Gordon Harris, Chief Science Officer and Co-Founder of Yunu. "Our efficient technology-driven approach provides both affordability and extensibility. Trials are reaching patients where they live; sites are scaling their capacity because of the efficiency gains their study staff experience, and PIs are quickly adopting and promoting this new way of working across all sites and stakeholders in real-time.”

About Yunu

Yunu provides medical research technology and services to life sciences companies and clinical research environments that perform precision imaging assessments. Yunu’s aim is to ensure breakthrough therapies are accessible to everyone by unifying medical imaging insights and connecting clinical communities. With thousands of clinical trials relying on the platform daily, Yunu is delivering a new standard for clinical trial imaging workflow.

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