WoundZoom Partners With MolecuLight to Deliver a Cloud-Based Wound Management Solution Integrated With Its Point-of-Care Bacterial Imaging

Wound Care Clinicians Can Now Manage All Wound Care Documentation, MolecuLight Images and Measurements via a Robust, Scalable Cloud Platform

Perceptive Solutions, Inc. announced today that the company has partnered with MolecuLight Corp., the leader in point-of-care fluorescence imaging that detects and locates elevated bacterial loads in wounds, to deliver a cloud-based wound management solution via its WoundZoom® platform that will be integrated with the MolecuLightDX™ point-of-care bacterial imaging device. The new partnership is being announced at the SAWC (Symposium for the Advancement of Wound Care) Spring 2023 conference, April 27 - 29, 2023, being held in National Harbor, MD. Both companies will be exhibiting side-by-side (Perceptive Solutions/WoundZoom at booth #631; MolecuLight at booth #627) and will be demonstrating their respective products, as well as discussing the integrated imaging - wound management solution.

With the integrated solution, wound care clinicians will now be able to benefit from having bacterial imaging and digital wound measurement as well as an industry-leading total cloud-based wound management system, including:

  • Comprehensive patient/wound documentation and tracking, 
  • Wound department analytics and dashboarding, and
  • Cloud-based synchronization of multiple MolecuLightDX devices.

For customers that are interested in this novel cloud solution, the integration of the MolecuLightDX device with WoundZoom will automate image and measurement uploading, synchronize data across multiple DX devices in a facility, and allow department administrators to focus on continuous improvement of patient care and wound care operations.

"We are thrilled to announce our integration of the MolecuLightDX with WoundZoom to provide an industry-leading solution for cloud-based wound management," says Anil Amlani, MolecuLight's CEO. "Our extensive body of clinical evidence reveals how MolecuLight informs clinical decision-making, enabling wound care clinicians to achieve improved outcomes. These published results show faster healing rates, reduced costs including reduced use of antibiotics and antimicrobial dressings, and improved patient engagement and involvement in their wound healing efforts. With the integration to WoundZoom, clinicians can further improve efficiencies from comprehensive dashboarding and department-wide analytics, real-time connectivity and synchronization of their multiple MolecuLight devices to the cloud. The potential for improved documentation, operational efficiencies and for tracking patient progress is significant".

"WoundZoom is providing a new level of efficiency, transparency and centralized decision-making for the wound care clinicians and administrators across all sites of service in the US," says Mark Lacerte, CEO of Perceptive Solutions. "The ability to now have point-of-care diagnostic imaging provided by the MolecuLightDX device provides a more robust view of a patient's wounds and allows clinicians to make more informed decisions about wound hygiene and treatment planning. Added to our robust wound management platform, we can now facilitate more comprehensive documentation and reporting of department operational efficiencies, and ultimately, improved patient outcomes."

The MolecuLight i:X and DX are the only imaging devices for the real-time detection of elevated bacterial burden in wounds that are FDA-cleared, CE-Marked and approved by Health Canada. With clinical evidence including over 75 peer-reviewed publications involving 1,500 patients, the devices are used by leading wound care facilities globally.

For more information, visit https://perceptivesol.com/ and www.moleculight.com.    

About MolecuLight Corp.

MolecuLight Corp. is the US subsidiary of MolecuLight Inc., a privately-owned medical imaging company that has developed and is commercializing its proprietary fluorescent imaging platform technology in multiple clinical markets. MolecuLight's suite of commercial devices, which include the MolecuLight i:X® and DX fluorescence imaging systems and their accessories, are point-of-care handheld imaging devices for the real-time detection and localization of bacterial load in wounds and digital wound measurement. MolecuLight procedures performed in the United States benefit from an available reimbursement pathway which includes two CPT® codes for physician work to perform "fluorescence imaging for bacterial presence, location, and load" and facility payment for Hospital Outpatient Department (HOPD) and Ambulatory Surgical Center (ASC) settings through an Ambulatory Payment Classification (APC) assignment. The company is also commercializing its unique fluorescence imaging platform technology for other global markets with relevant unmet needs in food safety, consumer cosmetics and other key industrial markets.

About Perceptive Solutions, Inc.

Perceptive Solutions, Inc. is a privately-owned Software as a Service (SAAS) company with focus on healthcare. Perceptive Solutions product portfolio includes point-of-care mobile applications WoundZoom Core®, WoundZoom Pro® and cloud-based WoundZoom Connect® clinical portal. Founded in 2012 as WoundZoom, Inc., the company was the first to market with a point-and-click wound measurement camera and assessment tool. Our vision is to modernize the practice of wound care with technology-enabled systems designed to increase clinical efficiencies, improve care quality and mitigate risk.

Contact Information:
Rob Sandler
Chief Marketing Officer, Moleculight, Inc.
[email protected]

Original Source: WoundZoom Partners With MolecuLight to Deliver a Cloud-Based Wound Management Solution Integrated With Its Point-of-Care Bacterial Imaging

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