World-Renowned Artist Vladimir Kush Unveils ‘Urban Geometry’

 During the month of May (2023), the founder and creator of Metaphorical Realism, Vladimir Kush, presented his New Masterpiece Compilation "Urban Geometry" Oil on Canvas (62.5"x83"). Exhibiting a unique art show in his own chain of galleries, Kush Fine Art in Laguna Beach and Las Vegas, the artist took the stage and welcomed his collectors and fans to showcase his latest creations and wearable art collection. 

This one-of-a-kind compilation painting immerses you into a stream of conscious and subconsciousness, night and day, and exterior and interior visual metaphors. The Limited-Edition Prints on Canvas are available in two Incredible sizes: 58" x 78" and 42" x 56". 

This painting is a representation of the model of the imaginary city of Cosmopolis, where the front plane is the Day (the conscious and collective actions) and the backside with its two planes represents the Night (the individual and subconsciousness). The ray coming from "All-Seeing Eye of God" creates an illusion of the outside observation of the city, and it sets the gears of the World Clock in motion.

The new compilation Masterpiece "Urban Geometry" features a collection of artworks by the artist including sold-out and never-before-seen masterpieces, featuring "Eclipse," "History of the House," "Shine Always," "Ascent of the Spirit," "Voyager," "Small Town Comfort," "Voyeur," "Sword of Hamlet," and many more 

It has been almost six years since Kush unveiled his last compilation painting "Human Way." This is a very special opportunity for all of his collectors. The compilation paintings by Kush are united by a theme assembling a unique list of artworks handpicked by the artist, allowing his collectors to discover and explore the Art of Imagination in every detail, symbolism and METAPHOR.

Kush Fine Art Galleries located in Las Vegas, Maui, Laguna Beach and Miami Beach embark you on a Metaphorical Voyage into a world of the unknown, to a place where you only have to start noticing around you, and the miracle of connection is everywhere.

For more information, visit or contact at [email protected] and follow Kush and the latest news on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. 

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Jorge Barrera
Marketing Director
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Original Source: World-Renowned Artist Vladimir Kush Unveils 'Urban Geometry'

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