When Antibiotics Fail, Lifestyle Healing Institute Provides Holistic Chronic Lyme Treatment

As post-treatment Lyme disease syndrome cases increase, LHI's Lyme disease treatment center offers mind-body solution.

NAPLES, Fla. - September 19, 2022 - (Newswire.com)

Spring and summer are when people are most likely to encounter ticks and to contract Lyme disease from tick bites. Most recover quickly, but some are left with symptoms far after the initial infection, according to Lifestyle Healing Institute (LHI), an alternative treatment center specializing in natural Lyme treatment.

Lyme disease is a bacterial infection spread via the bite of an infected blacklegged tick. About 500,000 people each year are diagnosed with the disease, making Lyme the most common vector-borne infection in the Americas, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. While many infections can be treated successfully with antibiotics, cases can often be more complicated, said LHI founder Wyatt Palumbo.

First, many people never realize they have been bitten, and about half of patients never develop the telltale "bullseye rash" around the bite, he said. When symptoms develop, diagnostic tests can miss early-stage cases about 60% of the time. And even one-third (34%) of people treated successfully will develop long-term symptoms known as Post-Treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome, commonly called chronic Lyme disease. This is where individuals can experience symptoms a month or more after treatment, lasting for months and even years.

"Most people with Lyme disease recover within a couple of weeks, but for those who don't, symptoms can last for months or sometimes years - problems like migraines, joint pain, fatigue, brain fog and trouble sleeping."

Currently, other than symptom management and antibiotics, there are not a lot of standards of care for chronic Lyme disease. Cases of chronic Lyme disease can be particularly difficult for both the patient and the healthcare provider, Palumbo said, because after a few weeks, the bacterium develops a "survival fortress" known as a biofilm that is largely impervious to many conventional treatments - including antibiotics.   

LHI has developed a patented, holistic and personalized approach to treating chronic Lyme disease. 

"This type of chronic condition often comes with many different symptoms that have been persisting for quite some time. First, we gather data on the whole brain and body, from immune values, hormones, inflammatory values, brain chemistry, neurological and physical exams and more," Palumbo said, "to help paint a picture of what's happening biochemically."

LHI then devises a holistic treatment plan to address any noted imbalances and issues, using an integrated team of doctors and other practitioners incorporating both its indoor and outdoor facilities. Their goal is to maximize immediate and sustainable outcomes using multiple treatment modalities, ranging from treatments like IV therapy, contrast therapy, botanicals, psychotherapy, and acupuncture, to educating patients and helping them make functional and lifestyle choices about diet, exercise, stress, and relationships. 

LHI's typical treatment programs for chronic Lyme run from five to eight weeks and are all-inclusive of any practitioners, diagnostics and therapies needed. Their goal is to help people end the vicious cycle of struggling.

"Each of our treatment programs for patients can involve any or all of our doctors and providers, any or all of our treatment modalities, in one or both of our indoor and outdoor facilities, and can include involving their loved ones or caretakers in the process - whatever that person needs to get better," Palumbo said.

LHI has been operating as a Lyme disease clinic and treatment center for nearly a decade, growing from a staff of one doctor and one nurse to three doctors, three nurses and affiliated practitioners in occupational therapy, acupuncture, yoga, mediation and other therapies. It is believed to be the only facility of its kind treating Lyme disease holistically through an integrated team of doctors and other healthcare providers. 

LHI has expanded its data-driven, holistic approach to treating a wide variety of chronic conditions, including autoimmune disorders, chronic pain and fatigue, high blood sugar and diabetes, brain fog, as well as symptoms resulting from overprescription.

To learn more about Lifestyle Healing Institute and its holistic approach to treating medical conditions, visit https://lifestylehealinginstitute.com/.

About Lifestyle Healing Institute
Lifestyle Healing Institute is a complementary and alternative treatment center specializing in chronic illness and over-prescribed medications. Using a data-driven holistic approach to healthcare, LHI's patented Baseline Therapy is delivered in one treatment program by a team of integrated doctors and healthcare professionals. To learn more, visit www.lifestylehealinginstitute.com.

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