Veteran Filmmaker Deepa Mehta joins Women in Showbiz Everywhere’s Mentorship Program, EmpowHer

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WISE celebrates “ONE Year Wiser” anniversary with EmpowHer, a mentorship program pairing industry veterans like Deepa Mehta with emerging talent.

I really do think WISE rocks, and what it’s doing is something we should all be very proud of. I personally am very thrilled to be one of the EmpowHer mentors. Happy One Year Anniversary to WISE.”

— Deepa Mehta

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, March 8, 2024 / — Women in Showbiz Everywhere (WISE) is proud to announce the celebration of its one-year anniversary as a non-profit women’s organization. WISE is a global collaborative platform that aims to #openthedoor for emerging women, non-binary, and women-identifying individuals across the showbiz industry. In honor of this milestone, WISE is launching its mentorship program, WISE EmpowHer, which pairs influential, working women in the realms of film, television, or music with new, promising, and passionate artists and storytellers on a journey of hands-on learning from a seasoned professional.

We are delighted to announce that acclaimed filmmaker Deepa Mehta will be one of the mentors for WISE EmpowHer, kickstarting the program. Mehta is renowned for her groundbreaking work in the Indian film industry, notably the elemental trilogy – “Fire,” “Earth,” and “Water” — garnering numerous accolades for her films, including an Academy Award nomination. Deepa Mehta’s film “Water” about an 8-year-old widow, opened the 2005 Toronto International Film Festival and and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film in 2006.

With her extensive experience and expertise, Mehta will serve as a valuable mentor for aspiring individuals in the showbiz industry. WISE believes that diversity and inclusivity are crucial for the growth and success of the showbiz industry. Through EmpowHer, we aim to create a more inclusive and equal playing field for women, non-binary, and women-identifying individuals in the industry. Through a myriad of initiatives such as captivating podcasts, year-round showcases, mentorship, insightful panels, immersive labs, pioneering fellowships, our aim is to amplify their voices. We are devoted to ensuring their significant contributions are not only acknowledged but celebrated, shaping a future where every woman in showbiz thrives.

WISE EmpowHer stands as a beacon of empowerment, uniting influential women in showbiz with emerging talent in an unparalleled mentorship program. This unique initiative is a testament to international collaboration, bridging gaps and nurturing connections across borders. By providing access to mentorship, resources, and professional development, WISE EmpowHer cultivates a supportive network for creatives and artists across film, TV, and media, fostering growth and innovation in the industry. Through this program, mentees will have the opportunity to learn from experienced professionals and gain valuable insights and guidance to advance their careers.

“Celebrating our ‘ONE Year Wiser’ anniversary marks a significant milestone for WISE, and the addition of Deepa Mehta to the WISE Family is truly exhilarating,” says Vineesha Arora-Sarin, Executive Director and CEO of WISE. “Since our pre-Oscars party celebrating women documentarians last year, we’ve grown immensely, launching successful fundraising galas, networking events, and groundbreaking programs like our “Lady With a Film” showcases and our inaugural podcast series, ‘Brown & Brilliant,’ now featured on iHeart Radio, a testament to our commitment to diversity and innovation in media arts. There’s still much work ahead, and we invite influential women across showbiz to join us in uplifting tomorrow’s talent, along with strong community partners and sponsors that can support our path-breaking initiatives. Together, let’s continue to level the playing field and support women in the industry.”

Join us in celebrating our “ONE Year Wiser” anniversary and the launch of EmpowHer, alongside other initiatives, as we strive to #openthedoor for emerging individuals in the showbiz industry. For more information about WISE and EmpowHer, or to support our initiatives, visit WISE actively seeks collaborators to expand our reach and community, supporting ALL women in media arts. Let’s empower and uplift women in showbiz, together.

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