Vegas Movie Awards Ignites the Film Industry in Las Vegas, Marking a New Era

VMA Annual Gala – Winners Ceremony on Stage

Empowering Filmmakers: A Unique Las Vegas Gala Uplifts and Elevates International Cinema to New Heights, Pioneering a Renaissance in the Film Industry

LAS VEGAS, NV, UNITED STATES, October 20, 2023 / — While Las Vegas has long been celebrated for its entertainment and recently for its sports, events dedicated to filmmaking have remained a rarity. However, the film industry has firmly established its presence in the city. Hundreds of award-winning filmmakers have flocked to Nevada from California, while major studios like Sony Pictures are planning substantial movie studios, capitalizing on significant tax breaks, a vision advocated by local actor Mark Wahlberg.

As Wahlberg strives to create a Hollywood 2.0 in the city, Vegas Movie Awards has been working diligently for four long years, even during a pandemic, to ensure that the city would attract global filmmaking at just the right moment. And now, that moment seems to have arrived.

Despite ongoing strikes by WGA and SAG-AFTRA, which silenced many film festivals, Vegas Movie Awards persevered and on September 29th and 30th, near the iconic Las Vegas Strip, its inaugural Annual Gala took place.

The event was a grand affair, featuring two intense days of screenings, Q&A sessions with industry experts, and a prestigious gala with red carpet and entertainment that matched Hollywood in elegance but surpassed it in purpose. All attendees were dressed in 1920s Great Gatsby/Old Glam style, while the stage was set to raise awareness about the critical role filmmakers play in awakening global consciousness and the importance of supporting them in their challenging journey.

“I believe that our spectacular city will be soon one of the greatest hubs for global filmmaking, and it’s crucial for all of us making a difference in the city’s filmmaking scene to unite for a larger purpose,” says Sergio Barbasso, Founder and Festival Director of Vegas Movie Awards.

“We, along with our non-profit, have shown through this ambitious live event that we are dead serious about our mission to make the film industry a better place for artists. We have nurtured our ever-growing VMA Family for 4 years, comprising Academy Awards and Emmy winners. We have provided them shelter during a pandemic and work year-round to make them damn proud of their work, giving them an international stage that propels their careers and motivates them to create films that can change the world.”

Awards totaling over $10,000 were distributed during the evening, and the iconic VMA Statuettes were awarded to the best films of 2022-2023. The films featured acclaimed actors such as Brian Austin Green, Stephen Baldwin, Eric Roberts, James Hong, Daniel Davis, and filmmakers from Iceland, Hungary, the UK, and South America.

The 2-day event was meticulously curated by Vegas Movie Awards in collaboration with Pugnacious, a Texas-based agency led by a team of remarkable women. The event was made possible with the generous support of major sponsors including Bandero Premium Tequila, Lions Club Las Vegas, and EarthxTV. Financial support came from the 501(c)3 behind Vegas Movie Awards, Fromtheart Foundation, dedicated to creating events and productions for artists and underprivileged kids, helping them find dignity and strengthen their life purpose through art.

“With this prestigious and unique gala, we wanted to give the world a taste of what we will be doing in the coming months to further our mission,” concludes Sergio. “And if important players in the industry and major sponsors want to show how much they truly care about bringing magic back to this industry and join us, this is the right time to do so.”

Vegas Movie Awards has demonstrated its fearless character and willingness to go against the tide, reviving important values like empathy and connection that many festivals and platforms seem to have forgotten. It now stands poised to become the hottest event in the international filmmaking scene in Las Vegas and one of the most coveted worldwide.

About Vegas Movie Awards:

Vegas Movie Awards (VMA) is an esteemed international film festival dedicated to celebrating excellence in indie cinema. It strives to elevate filmmakers and establish Las Vegas as a significant global filmmaking hub. As part of the broader social initiative within the 501(c)3 Fromtheart Foundation, the festival not only provides a prestigious platform for showcasing talent but also fosters hope and community among underprivileged youth through the transformative power of art.

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