This Week an Exclusive Interview in NY Art Life Magazine with Simon Catillon: Talented French Artist in New York

This Week an Exclusive Interview in NY Art Life Magazine with Simon Catillon: Talented French Artist in New York

Simon Catillon

Simon Catillon on stage

Simon Catillon in “Enquête d’Amour” (Unusual Suspects)

Simon Catillon actor, director, mime, genius screenwriter, masterful puppeteer, and more, a complete artist in every sense of the word.

Embrace the thrill of risk, for it’s the journey from being the puppet of your circumstances to becoming the puppeteer of your destiny.”

— Simon Catillon

CHELSEA, MANHATTAN, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, February 19, 2024 / — In an exclusive conversation with the New York Art Life Magazine, Simon Catillon offers fascinating insights into his life, work, and experiences in the theater and short movie world. He shares anecdotes from his time in the French theatre scene, where he honed his acting and directing skills. In the interview, Simon also discusses his move to New York and how it has influenced his work. He expresses his admiration for the city’s dynamic art scene and its ability to constantly reinvent itself. He also shares his plans for the future, giving readers a glimpse into upcoming projects and his aspirations for the New York Art Life Magazine.

In the world of entertainment, there are few names as versatile and captivating as Simon Catillon. A true Renaissance artist, Catillon’s performances are not only impactful but are also leading an exciting cultural exchange between two iconic cities: New York and Paris. Catillon brings a unique blend of French sophistication to American dynamism, bridging the gap between these disparate cultures through the universal language of art.

His artistic prowess extends far beyond a single discipline. He is also an accomplished director, screenwriter, mime, and puppeteer. Each role he undertakes is a testament to his comprehensive understanding of storytelling and his ability to immerse himself fully in every character he plays. From classical theater to avant-garde performances, his works have spanned across different genres, attracting audiences from all walks of life.

One of Catillon’s most remarkable traits is his unwavering passion for the arts. His love for classical theater is evident in his performances, where he seamlessly blends traditional theatrical elements with contemporary narratives. He brings the same fervor to his mime performances – a genre often overlooked in contemporary arts. His ability to express complex emotions without uttering a single word is nothing short of genius.

Further, Catillon’s upcoming projects in puppetry and cinema are eagerly anticipated by critics and fans alike. These ventures reflect his commitment to exploring new avenues in storytelling and his willingness to push the boundaries of conventional entertainment. It is this adventurous spirit that has earned him rave reviews and accolades in both Paris and New York.

One of the most captivating aspects of Simon Catillon’s career is his profound involvement in immersive theatre. Catillon has portrayed two significant characters in live thrillers, demonstrating his talent and commitment to the craft. His acting prowess and improvisation skills in “The Live Thriller” and “The Live Hold-up” are truly commendable. It is awe-inspiring to witness Catillon’s versatility as an actor along with his exceptional ability to connect with the audience on an intimate level. His performances bring a fresh and engaging perspective to theatre, making him a standout talent in the realm of immersive entertainment.

In the interview, Simon Catillon discussed his multifaceted role in “Enquête d’Amour” (Unusual Suspects). Not only did Catillon co-write and direct the play, he also played one of the lead roles, showcasing his versatility and dedication to his craft. In “Enquête d’Amour”, Catillon masterfully blends contemporary and classical theatre elements, introducing grotesque and surprising ideas that challenge and break classic patterns. Simon Catillon’s innovative approach to theatre is on full display in this production.

In the interview, you will find details about his extraordinary theatrical and artistic experience in New York Simon Catillon’s journey from Paris to New York is not merely a geographical transition; it’s a cultural exchange that has enriched the performing arts landscape in both cities. His performances have introduced New Yorkers to the nuances of French theater. Through his work, Catillon has proven that art transcends geographical boundaries and language barriers, fostering a shared appreciation of storytelling’s power.

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