The Industry Network Alum Victoria Paige Watkins Stars in Sylvester Stallone’s Latest Thriller “Armored”

Check out Industry Network Alum Victoria Watkins in The New Film Armored

Promotional photo for 'Armored' featuring Sylvester Stallone and Industry Network alum Victoria Watkins in a suspenseful pose

Get ready for ‘Armored’ – the thrilling action crime film with Sylvester Stallone & Industry Network’s own Victoria Watkins!

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Industry Network alum Victoria Watkins stars in ‘Armored’ alongside Stallone. A thrilling tale of survival and bravery.

The [Industry Network] event served as a pivotal moment, leading her to sign with a manager and embark on auditions for both movies and commercials. We are immensely grateful for this opportunity…”

— Nicole Gish

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 9, 2024 / — In a remarkable testament to the success and influence of The Industry Network, alum Victoria Paige Watkins is set to captivate audiences in the much-anticipated action crime thriller, “Armored,” starring alongside Sylvester Stallone. Directed by the visionary Justin Routt, “Armored” is slated for release later this year, promising to be a riveting addition to the American film landscape.

“Armored” unfolds with a gripping narrative featuring a father and son duo, security guards for an armored truck company, who find themselves ensnared by a cunning team of robbers on a bridge. Trapped and with their lives hanging in the balance, they must devise a daring escape plan to survive. The plot thickens as the security guards, transporting millions between banks, are ambushed by the thieves led by the formidable Rook. Following a tense car chase, they are cornered on a dilapidated bridge, with the armored truck—and their lives—dangling dangerously close to catastrophe.

Victoria Paige Watkins, since her auspicious beginnings at The Industry Network, has emerged as a prolific figure in the acting world. Her role in “Armored” is a highlight in a year already packed with significant projects, marking her as one of the most versatile and in-demand talents in the industry.

Spotlight on The Industry Network:

The Industry Network is renowned for its unparalleled commitment to discovering and nurturing talent, serving as a pivotal bridge between aspiring actors and the upper echelons of the entertainment industry. Through its esteemed conventions and casting calls, The Industry Network offers a unique platform for talent to connect with leading agents, managers, and casting directors, facilitating the kind of opportunities that can catapult careers to new heights.

Victoria’s remarkable trajectory from The Industry Network alum to starring in a major film is a powerful endorsement of the network’s role in shaping the futures of those it supports. Her journey underscores the transformative impact of The Industry Network’s casting calls and training programs, highlighting the network’s dedication to the success of its members.

About “Armored”:

“Armored” is not just a film; it’s a showcase of high-stakes drama, intense action, and the compelling storytelling that fans of Sylvester Stallone have come to expect. With Victoria Paige Watkins’ dynamic performance, directed by Justin Routt, the film is poised to be a standout cinematic experience of the year.

As Victoria Paige Watkins continues to ascend in her acting career, The Industry Network remains committed to its mission of elevating talented individuals into the spotlight. Be sure to catch “Armored” upon its release and witness the thrilling performance of The Industry Network’s very own Victoria Paige Watkins, along with the other exciting projects she has lined up for this year.

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Watch Now: ‘Armored’ Trailer – Victoria Watkins Shines in Action-Packed Thriller | Industry Network Alumni Spotlight

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