The Hijacking Of Flight 375 Takes Brazilian Theaters by Storm: A Gripping Tale of Audacity and Real-Life Intrigue

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Directed by Marcus Baldini, this feature film is being considered a Hollywood level Brazilian Production

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, December 13, 2023 / — The Brazilian film industry is witness to a seismic event with the release of “The Hijacking Of Flight 375.” The Escarlate Studios production with Star Original Productions, directed by the audacious Marcus Baldini, is an action-packed thriller based on the real-life events of the 1980s, considered as the Brazilian 9/11. After Osama Bin Laden’s capture, agents seized several documents and newspaper clippings from his compound. One of these clippings was about the story of VASP Flight 375.

What sets this film apart is not just its gripping narrative but the daring vision of director Marcus Baldini, who embarked on the journey of creating a thriller film with a real plane despite budget constraints. The result is a cinematic masterpiece that is already creating ripples in Brazil, capturing the attention of both the public and critics alike.

Brazil, 1988. An unemployed tractor driver hijacks VASP flight 375 and orders commander Murilo to crash the plane on the Planalto Palace to kill the president – whom he considers guilty for the country’s devastating economic crisis. “The Hijacking of Flight 375” weaves a tale of suspense, bravery, and the resilience of the human spirit. The film has already received accolades from top critics in Brazil, with leading media outlets praising its intense storytelling, gripping performances, and innovative approach to filmmaking.

The script has been written by Mikael de Albuquerque and Lusa Silvestre, who won the Los Angeles Brazilian Film Festival this year. The feature is an independent production of Escarlate Studios and Joana Henning, in coproduction with Star Original Productions, and based on a documentary piece by Constâncio Viana. It will soon be available outside of Brazil.

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