TBS Dental Introduces REGEN: Premium Bone and Tissue Regeneration Products

TBS Dental Introduces REGEN: Premium Bone and Tissue Regeneration Products
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Pictured: TBS Allograft Bone in a Syringe, TBSRGN02 (Right). TBS Membrane, TBSRGN05 (Left).

TBS Dental, a pioneer in innovative dental instrumentation and solutions, proudly announces the launch of its latest product line, REGEN, comprising of bone and membrane materials that set new standards in regenerative procedures. Available starting June 5, 2024, through Patterson Dental, REGEN is designed for dentists and oral surgeons seeking superior outcomes in socket preservation and soft tissue regeneration.

REGEN includes a variety of products such as allograft bone particulate, both in a jar and a unique bone-in-a-syringe format, alongside resorbable collagen membranes. Each product is engineered or selected to optimize surgical handling and patient outcomes, focusing on ease of use, safety, and effectiveness.

Product Highlights:

TBS Allograft Bone in a Syringe: This game-changing product offers a curved syringe applicator for precise placement of the mineralized cortico-cancellous bone particulate, especially in posterior regions and tight spaces. It features a micro-perforated cap that allows for easy hydration within the syringe without disassembly or repacking.

TBS Allograft Powder: Ideal for larger grafting needs, this same mineralized cortico-cancellous 50/50 blend of particulate supports natural bone regeneration, providing an osteoconductive scaffold that remodels completely to host bone.

TBS Membrane: Known for its exceptional stability, tissue integration, and handling, TBS Membrane ensures a lower occurrence of soft tissue dehiscence, superior tensile strength, barrier function, and suture pullout resistance. It has no memory, allowing it to effortlessly contour grafting sites.

Dr. Scott Ganz, a respected dental professional, praised the REGEN line, stating, “It was surprisingly easy to hydrate the bone, directly within the syringe. The syringe also provides excellent control to place the bone exactly where you want to.” He added, “TBS Membrane is extremely pliable, it saturates very well and has excellent handling characteristics.”

REGEN is part of TBS Dental's commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that enhance the way dental professionals operate. With the introduction of REGEN, TBS Dental continues to support heroes through its ongoing partnership with the Wounded Warrior Project®, offering resources and support to veterans and their families.

For more information on TBS REGEN, visit www.tbsdental.com/regen.

About TBS Dental: TBS Dental is a leading innovator and provider of premium products to make dentistry more efficient, dedicated to revolutionizing dental care through advanced technology and unmatched precision. With a commitment to excellence, TBS Dental empowers dental professionals to deliver superior patient experiences and outcomes.

Contact Information:
Christian Skarli
Marketing Manager
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