Starfall LLC and Dawnrunner Inc. Announces the Upcoming Sci-Fi Thriller Starfall from Writer and Producer James Fox

Starfall LLC and Dawnrunner Inc. Announces the Upcoming Sci-Fi Thriller Starfall from Writer and Producer James Fox

LAS VEGAS, NV, USA, June 17, 2024 / — Starfall LlC and Dawnrunner Inc. is excited to announce the upcoming release of Starfall, an action-packed sci-fi thriller produced by James Fox and Jason Kozup. This film promises to deliver a thrilling experience with a storyline that spans the globe, highlighting the necessity of international collaboration in the face of potential global threats.

Starfall centers around the discovery of an interstellar fragment and the international race to control its immense power. The film’s narrative explores the complex dynamics between nations, showcasing both cooperation and conflict. With scenes set in the vast expanse of space, the bustling streets of France, and secretive research facilities in the United States, Starfall offers a truly international narrative that will resonate with audiences worldwide.

The film features an exceptional ensemble cast from various parts of the world. Leading roles are portrayed by actors from the United States, China, Russia, and France, each contributing their unique cultural perspectives to the story. The production also brought together a globally diverse crew, ensuring an authentic and rich portrayal of international dynamics.

James Fox, Writer and Producer, says of the initial concept: “Our goal was to create a story that resonates universally. By involving a diverse cast and shooting in various international locations, we’ve crafted a narrative that feels both personal and globally significant.”

When asked on the impact the film intends to have, action Producer Jason Kozup said, “This film is a real life testament to what can be achieved when talented individuals from around the world come together. Starfall is not just a sci-fi thriller; it’s a celebration of international collaboration.”

Starfall was specifically conceived by Jason Kozup and written by James Fox to appeal to a broad audience, blending thrilling action with a profound message about global unity and cooperation. The film’s international elements enhance its relatability and relevance, making it a must-see for sci-fi enthusiasts and general audiences alike.

For more information about Starfall, please contact: Jason Kozup with Starfall LLC or James Fox with Dawnrunner Inc.

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