SOUL TWIN MESSIAH: self-titled debut releases April 12

Kip Baldwin and Evan Gary Hirsch – Soul Twin Messiah

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new classic rock feat. legendary studio musicians

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, UNITED STATES, March 26, 2024 / — On April 12, 2024, Soul Twin Messiah will release its self-titled, 10-track debut album. The Bay Area-based duo infuses riffs and grooves from decades past with lyrics that are emotional, spiritual, and immediate. From crank-it-up anthems to powerful ballads, with recognizable and sometimes surprising influences, Soul Twin Messiah offers its music as an opportunity to connect, heal, and LOVE. Supported by session players with A-list credentials, the album was produced by the legendary Joel Jaffe.

The already released singles illuminate the diversity of musical styles as well as the consistency of message. About “Comfort You,” renowned music journalist and critic Ben Fong Torres said, “Rock ballads live! And this one has good, compassionate intentions, solid performances, and a bonus (on video, that is): actual hugs. A most comforting tune for these times.” The follow-up single, “Shut Up and Listen To Me” is a guitar-driven rock anthem that uses the proliferation of social media, biased news, and echo chambers to encourage thoughtful, honest, and mutual communication. And finally, “Mad LOVE Story,” released on Valentine’s Day, is an invitation for all of us to recalibrate ourselves toward a bigger, more universal and connective LOVE.

Other stand-out tracks are “Our Lady Mary Jane,” an ode to the trials and blessings of cannabis, and “Share the Riches With Me” about greed and classism.

“With our debut album, we wanted to make sure we made a splash showing what we can do musically and with the production, and wanted to share the variety of influences and styles that form the amalgamation of the STM sound,” said co-writer and guitarist Evan Gary Hirsch. Added co-writer and lead singer Kip Baldwin, “We hope to share our message of what a world founded in LOVE rather than fear could be. We’re not trying to be heavy handed in our songs’ messaging, so if all you get out of our music is the experience of good, classic rock influenced tunes, then by all means rock on!”



Shut Up and Listen to Me

Our Lady Mary Jane

Web of Lies

The Truth

A Matter of Perception

Share the Riches With Me

Mad LOVE Story

Comfort You

Heal Me

Rock Bottom

All music and lyrics are by Evan Gary Hirsch and Kip Baldwin. The album was produced by Soul Twin Messiah and Joel Jaffe (Ringo Starr, Ray Manzarek, Bonnie Raitt, The Call, Night Ranger, Sheryl Crow) at the legendary Studio D in Sausalito.

Performing on Soul Twin Messiah are: John Mader (Peter Frampton, Hamilton national tour), Prairie Prince (The Tubes, XTC), and Michael Urbano (Cake, Smashmouth) on drums; Steve Evans (Etta James, Bo Diddley) and Marc Levine (Barry Manilow) on bass, Hardy Hemphill (Shania Twain) on keyboards; Mark Rinta (Robert Plant, Elvis Costello) on trombone; Carlos Reyes (Willie Nelson, MC Hammer) on electric and bass violins; and Omega Rae (Van Morrison, Anthony Paule Soul Orchestra) and Jeanie Tracy (Aretha Franklin, Patti LaBelle) on backing vocals.

Soul Twin Messiah will be available on streaming services including Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon Music.

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