Solvably Launches AI Centers of Excellence to Support Systemic AI Literacy

AI Centers of Excellence by Solvably offer real-world challenges whereby lifelong learners explore and apply AI in a collaborative, creative problem-solving experience.

Solvably AI Center of Excellence

Solvably's AI Center of Excellence is designed to support AI Literacy for ALL!

Solvably (, a digital collaborative, creative problem-solving platform for lifelong learners, launched its AI Centers of Excellence today to systemically train all kindergarten-through-career learners on Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

Solvably's AI Centers of Excellence offer 20 initial AI-focused, real-world challenges for K12, Higher Education, and Corporate Talent. Learners using the platform can collaborate in remote teams through a scaffolded problem-solving process, much like a virtual escape room, creating a deliverable that illustrates an application of AI with relevant impact by specific workforce job role/function (i.e., Customer Service, Sales, Leadership), K12 educational subject (i.e., Math, Science, Social Studies), or Higher Education institutional major (i.e., Marketing, Engineering, Finance). High-fidelity, pedagogically sound 'custom' challenges can also be created easily using Solvably’s Design Lab wizard tool. Each Solvably Center of Excellence experience supports soft skill development and engagement tracking, as well as longitudinal efficacy reporting among learning institutions and employers. 

“To best prepare for tomorrow’s demanding workforce, today’s students and professionals need to not only understand AI and its enormous potential but how to apply it to solve real-world challenges in order to achieve higher outcomes,” said Solvably Founder and Chief Problem Solver Angelo Biasi. “Solvably’s active learning and authentic assessment experience is an evidence-based solution that empowers and ultimately future-proofs this wide audience with the skills required to use AI technologies and applications effectively, or ‘AI Literacy’ – something I am boldly calling the newest 21st Century Competency - while, in turn, creating a more qualified and effective global talent pool.” 

Solvably for education and Solvably TALENT for employers are digital learning and assessment solutions that facilitate behavioral change via remote, collaborative experiences. The platform, founded in 2020, sold in 2022, and re-acquired/re-launched in 2023 by Angelo Biasi, won several awards, including an EdTech Breakthrough Product Award for Creativity Solution of the Year, and EdTech Digest’s Cool Tool award for 21st Century Skills Development. AI Centers of Excellence (COE) complement Solvably’s other COEs and serve as a centerpiece for the relaunch of the powerful platform.

Educational institutions and employers interested in working with Solvably to support learners or employees in their lifelong learning journeys can contact the company at [email protected], or visit

Contact Information:
Angelo Biasi
Founder / Chief Problem Solver
[email protected]
+1 (917) 539-5287

Original Source: Solvably Launches AI Centers of Excellence to Support Systemic AI Literacy

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