Set in Northern New Mexico, “Love Child” Is Wendy Cohan’s Second Book for “The Inn at Verde Springs” Trilogy

Love Child Book Cover

Author Wendy Cohan

Author Wendy Cohan

Based in part on the family stories that my own Aunt shared with me.”

— Wendy Cohan

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, September 26, 2023 / — On October 3rd, “Love Child” will be available through major booksellers, celebrating the slow-simmering love between two strong people with a second chance to build a life together. The book is Wendy Cohan’s second title in “The Inn at Verde Springs” contemporary romantic fiction series.

“Based in part on the family stories that my own Aunt shared with me, ‘The Inn at Verde Springs’ series was the chance to achieve my lifelong dream of writing contemporary romantic fiction. I chose to focus on the relationship between Harper and Paige Crawley, six years apart in age, who come together to support each other as they build an exciting new life in a completely different environment,” said author Wendy Cohan.

Overview of “Love Child”

A busy autumn wedding season moves the Inn at Verde Springs into the black. Next up? Planning her sister Harper’s spring wedding. But overachiever Paige struggles with telling Mr. Renaissance Man that he’s fathered a child…until it’s unavoidable. Even though Paige’s lie-by-omission is unforgivable, Ed Barrett is excited to finally be a father. Then, when Paige’s pregnancy turns high-risk, Ed sets his anger aside and follows his heart. As Paige and Ed navigate their precarious relationship, the imminent birth of their baby has the power to unite them or divide them. But for Paige, the future is clear: Ed is the man who makes everything work, not just for her, but for all of them. When a serious accident puts Ed’s life at risk, Paige devotes herself to helping him through the crisis, and, finally, brings him home to the most healing place she knows: The Inn at Verde Springs.

What Others Are Saying

“The first two installments of Wendy Cohan’s ‘The Inn at Verde Springs Trilogy’ have me completely hooked. The series features the Crawley sisters, Paige and Harper, as they reinvent their lives both professionally and personally in the enchanting setting of rural northern New Mexico.

“In the first novel, ‘The Renaissance Sisters,’ Harper takes the leading role. In the follow-up novel, ‘Love Child,’ it’s Paige’s turn as she navigates an unplanned and complicated pregnancy with a biological father she barely knows, while planning her sister’s wedding and continuing to expand their fledgling inn’s business. With help from her sister and their colorful circle of friends, everything comes together in a literally earthshaking conclusion.

“What I love most about this series is the author’s magical ability to pull the reader into a vivid world filled with sumptuous food, natural splendor, and populated with people you actually want to spend time with. After finishing ‘Love Child,’ I was left with the highly sought after experience of “book hangover,” i.e., still feeling immersed in the “reality” Ms. Cohan created, missing and wondering about the characters, and longing for another opportunity to rejoin Harper and Paige at the Inn at Verde Springs.” —Sue Boggio, co-author (with Mare Pearl) of Hungry Shoes

“Cohan charmed readers with her debut novel, ‘The Renaissance Sisters,’ and ‘The Inn at Verde Springs’ Trilogy’s book #2, ‘Love Child,’ will do the same. Sister Paige finds herself pregnant from a one-night stand—or was it the beginning of a forever love? Follow along as she struggles to come to terms with her unexpected baby, an earthquake that alters the ranch, and you will be eagerly awaiting book #3.” —Jo-Ann Mapson, author of Owen’s Daughter, Hank & Chloe, and other novels

“I gravitate toward books set in my amazing, culturally rich, and beautiful state of New Mexico, and in my wanderings found ‘Love Child,’ the second book in Wendy Cohan’s ‘The Inn at Verde Springs’ Trilogy. The Crawley sisters, Paige and Harper, have inherited a farm and are turning it into a destination site for weddings and celebrations. But one thing on Paige’s agenda was NOT having a baby with a hunky man she barely knows. Best laid plans…

“The conflict between Paige and her baby-daddy kept me on the edge of my seat—and then their world blew up. Literally! It’s a great twist in an already twisty story about two people who are getting to know each other during “their” pregnancy. And then— Nope. No more spoilers. You’ll just have to read it yourself!” —Carol Potenza, author of the Tony Hillerman prize-winning Hearts of the Missing and the Nicky Matthews Mystery series

“The Inn at Verde Springs” Book Series

Book 1 – “The Renaissance Sisters;” May 23, 2023

Book 2 – “Love Child;” October 3, 2023

Book 3 – “Gifts and Revelations;” 2024

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Feel Good Fiction, Contemporary Romance, Women’s Fiction.

Paperback ISBN: 9781950495436

Price: $18.99

About Wendy Cohan

Wendy Cohan writes contemporary women’s fiction from her home in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Her work has appeared in Pittsburgh Magazine, Verge Magazine, Cricket, The Manifest Station, and other publications. Her new trilogy, “The Inn at Verde Springs,” debuts with “The Renaissance Sisters” and will continue with “Love Child.” Wendy Cohan also holds a B.A. in Environmental Conservation from the University of Colorado, where she was a botanical field assistant at the University’s Mountain Research Station. She caught the writing bug while living for several years in Missoula, Montana, where she studied creative writing with the Beargrass Writer’s Workshop. For more information about Wendy Cohan, go to

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