Seeing What We Think, Imagination on a Computer Screen: Patent 11733776 Granted

Patent 11733776 Granted – Methods and systems for non-sensory information rendering and injection

Patent 11733776  - Methods and systems for non-sensory information rendering and injection

Patent 11733776 Granted – Methods and systems for non-sensory information rendering and injection

Brain non-Sensory data conversion into computer format, manipulate it or use external images / data & sent back to the brain to create a total new experience.

We have the knowledge to decipher data that is being transmitted inside the brain”

— Rhona Morris

RAMAT HASHARON, ISRAEL, September 7, 2023/ — Aktevy’s CEO, Ofer, has recently granted patent 11733776, that allows the conversion of non-sensory data like the imagination into computer format thereby allowing it, for example, to be manipulated or displayed on a computer screen or enable to command & control machinery using the brain deciphered data / imagination / thoughts. The manipulated data can then be converted back and sent to the brain to create a whole new experience. This patent is the newcomer to the “club” of patents that he has worked on.
This patent also opens the ability to portray thoughts/brain waves as real data / images and not as just electric currents commanding parts of our body. This will provide an important insight into our brain thought process and will eventually enable us to better understand ourselves.

Aktevy Inc., a New York based company, was incorporated with the purpose of finding and bringing novel and innovative products in a wide variety of areas based on software to the market at large.

Other patents:

Patent 11395620, the “Eye” patent, which allows for manipulated images to be seen via regular vision, meaning funny goggles are no longer required.

Virtual Pointing with regular eyesight – patent 11660040 will enable the creation of virtual dashboards with virtual buttons & displays using regular eyesight.

Auditory patent 11641555. Here technology depicts converting ear nerve protocol into computer format/protocol. The sound can then be manipulated and external sounds can be merged into it or replace it altogether. The manipulated data is then sent back to the brain.

Ofer is also the person behind the “Dark Matter” theory, a new approach to how our universe is structured. His assertion is that all is based on one particle, the “Dark Matter”, that has no attributes. Ofer’s theory is that everything including energy, particles, forces, gravity etc. are created by propagation in the “Dark Matter” 4th dimension (or Nth dimension) through our three dimensions. His work can be viewed at

Aktevy Inc. has until recently focused on commercial business activities. The company capitalizes on its long-term relationships with its customers with the purpose of introducing them to added value products. It is a New York based company incorporated three years ago. It currently operates a cloud-based software service in the B2B products catalog arena. Using very sophisticated technology the company is able to produce user catalogs directly from data bases. The company works with some of the largest American and European operations.

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