Sarah Kerver of 1937 Apothecary Shines on Episode 69 of Weed and Whiskey News

DALLAS, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, November 26, 2023 / — In a significant episode for cannabis enthusiasts and industry insiders, Sarah Kerver, the visionary owner of 1937 Apothecary, shares her inspiring journey in the CBD and hemp industry in Texas on episode 69 of Weed and Whiskey News. Hosted by the charismatic Jerry J-Man Joyner, the episode is available on, Spotify, Roku, and YouTube.

Sarah Kerver, a pioneering figure in the Texas cannabis industry, is known for her expertise and innovation in CBD and hemp products. Her brand, 1937 Apothecary, has become synonymous with quality and wellness, reflecting her commitment to holistic health and natural remedies. In this insightful episode, Sarah delves into her personal and professional experiences in navigating the evolving landscape of cannabis in Texas.

“Weed and Whiskey News is thrilled to feature Sarah Kerver on our show. Her journey is not just inspiring but also instrumental in understanding the growth and potential of the CBD and hemp industry in our state,” said Jerry J-Man Joyner, the host of Weed and Whiskey News.

The episode covers a range of topics, from the challenges of establishing a cannabis business in a rapidly changing legal environment to the future prospects of the industry in Texas. Sarah’s story is a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit and the positive impact of cannabis on health and wellness.

“Weed and Whiskey News continues to be a leading platform for meaningful dialogue around cannabis. Having Sarah Kerver on our show highlights our commitment to bringing diverse and influential voices to our audience,” added Joyner.

Viewers can tune in to episode 69 of Weed and Whiskey News on, Spotify, Roku, and YouTube to hear the full conversation with Sarah Kerver. Her insights provide invaluable perspectives for anyone interested in the burgeoning world of CBD and hemp.

For more information and to watch the episode, visit or watch on ROKU, Spotify and YouTube, Follow Weed And Whiskey News on social media for more updates and engaging content.

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