Sadlier’s From Phonics to Reading Program Has Received Top Marks

Highest rating for alignment to the Phonics Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)

William H. Sadlier, Inc. announced today that its foundational skills program, From Phonics to Reading, authored by Wiley Blevins, received "Top Marks" for alignment to the Phonics Texas Essential Skills and Knowledge (TEKS) standards as independently reviewed by Learning List, an instructional materials review service for schools and districts.

From Phonics to Reading, for Grades K-3, addresses all foundational skills and fosters students' understanding and working knowledge of print concepts, phonological awareness, phonics and word recognition, and fluency. The program pedagogy is based on over three decades of research and classroom practice by its author, Wiley Blevins.

Learning List completed a qualitative, standard-by-standard review of the alignment of From Phonics to Reading to the Phonics TEKS K-3 standards. "Sadlier's From Phonics to Reading supports students in becoming readers by providing explicit and systemic phonics instruction reflective of the Science of Teaching Reading," said Jackie Lain, president of Learning List. "The program provides pedagogical support and content development for teachers, as well as guidance and resources to help parents support their child's reading development."

"My goal in creating this program with the Sadlier team was to provide a compact, efficient, affordable phonics resource that reflects the most current research on phonics, while addressing issues not commonly covered in available resources—including addressing the top 10 reasons why phonics instruction sometimes fails (10 Common Causes of Phonics Instruction Failure eBook), based on my most important work with school districts across the United States, South America, and Asia," said Wiley Blevins.

Theresa Thompson, President and CEO of Sadlier, said, "Our close relationship with author Wiley Blevins allowed us to develop From Phonics to Reading, relying on his expertise in the area of foundational skills and early literacy. We are proud to have received "Top Marks" for the program's alignment to the Phonics Texas Essential Skills and Knowledge (TEKS) standards from Learning List."

More information about From Phonics to Reading can be found here.

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