Profile Plan of Morgantown Announces New, Virtual Weight Loss & Nutrition Coaching

The new model will continue serving current Profile members and the Morgantown community while expanding its offerings to neighboring West Virginia residents.

Tiffany Burrow

Coach at Profile Plan

Profile Plan of Morgantown, a prominent weight management solutions provider, has announced they are moving to a new, virtual business model to support its members. While the current, physical Morgantown Profile location will close, members will continue to receive a high-quality experience and have access to the same tools, resources, and delicious Profile foods while enjoying the convenience of virtual sessions with their Profile coach. 

Current Store Manager and Morgantown resident, Tiffany Burrow, has taken over management of the business and will lead virtual coaching efforts. Burrow has been a certified health coach with Profile Plan for the past five years and has managed the Morgantown location for three years. Burrow became passionate about health and wellness after her own personal weight loss of 115 pounds and is highly motivated to help bring increased nutrition and weight loss education and resources to the residents of West Virginia.   

"I'm thrilled to be moving Profile Plan to a virtual business as it will offer more flexibility to our current members while allowing others in West Virginia access to our weight loss services.  Schedules are busy, traffic can be bad, or life changes and this new model will offer members a convenient way to stay on track with their coaching sessions and ultimately, their weight loss goals," shared Burrow. 

 Profile Plan, which touts an average of 15% body weight loss for its members[1], is uniquely positioned to support individuals virtually through their personalized one-on-one weight loss coaching sessions, proprietary Profile smart tracking and technology, DNA testing, and subscription-based online food store.  

As an established provider of best-in-class weight loss solutions, Profile Plan members are experiencing an average weight loss of 34.5 pounds when following the plan for 12 months, along with an average savings of $1,500 in medical costs within that year. Over 200,000 Profile members across the country have lost a combined total of more than 3 million pounds since opening in 2012.   

One of the cornerstones to successfully losing weight and keeping it off is accountability and guidance. Profile's certified, professional coaches work with Profile members weekly to track progress, provide education and modify meal plans for maximum success. It's proven that working with a coach leads to 3X more weight loss.  

For more information about Profile Plan or to schedule a free weight loss consultation to kick-start your own journey, please visit

Contact Information:
Tiffany Burrow
Profile Plan Store Manager
[email protected]

Original Source: Profile Plan of Morgantown Announces New, Virtual Weight Loss & Nutrition Coaching

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