Open English, a Global Leader in English Learning, Launches Open Mundo to Offer Live Tutoring in Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and French

Amid a changing workforce landscape, Open Mundo, an immersive learning platform, allows employers to offer employees the opportunity to master a new language while meeting both personal and business goals

Open English, a global leader in live online English classes with over 2 million students served in 25 countries, is expanding its offering of live tutoring in additional languages. With more than 15 years of experience, Open English has become a key employee benefit to over 10,000 companies across the world whose employees are learning English with the platform.

With the launch of Open Mundo, students now have the opportunity to take live online classes that are available 24/7 with native-speaking teachers in French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. With many businesses struggling to retain top talent, a robust and strategic benefits package is key to ensuring an organization's success, making Open Mundo an optimal solution for businesses in search of unique benefits for its employees.

The COVID-19 pandemic radically shifted the employment and corporate benefits landscape, businesses have increased the benefits they're offering employees by an average of 22% compared to 2019 and a one-size-fits-all approach no longer works when it comes to benefits for employees. Open Mundo allows employers to differentiate its benefits packages and remain competitive in acquiring and retaining top talent, while employees get the opportunity to improve both their personal and professional lives by gaining a new skill at little or no cost to them.

"If employers add Open Mundo as a voluntary benefit option, they're opening the door to new opportunities for its employees while improving their lives in the process," explained Andres  Moreno, Founder and CEO of Open English. "Our goal with Open Mundo is to provide the same experience that we've given to over two million Open English students: learning something that will last and benefit them for a lifetime."

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About Open English

Open English is a leading English-learning platform in the Latin American and U.S. Hispanic markets, providing live, online instruction to over 2 million enrolled students to date. The company is disrupting the brick-and-mortar language-learning market with a proprietary technology platform that offers unlimited, 24/7 access to live classes with native-speaking teachers. Open Education, Open English's parent company, offers customized learning solutions for businesses (Open English for Business), children (Open English Junior), and digital skills development (NextU). Open English has also expanded its business with Open Mundo, a new online language learning platform that offers French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese live classes. The company is headquartered in Miami, FL with offices in Mexico City, Bogota, Buenos Aires, Istanbul, Bangalore and São Paulo. To learn more about Open English, visit

About Open Mundo

Open Mundo is an immersive language learning platform that offers live online classes in French,Spanish, Italian and Portuguese with native-speaking teachers. Based on the experience, trajectory and educational quality of Open English, it launched in Latin America in 2022 with the aim of expanding language teaching beyond English.

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VP, Brand Marketing
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Original Source: Open English, a Global Leader in English Learning, Launches Open Mundo to Offer Live Tutoring in Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and French

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