“One Big Itch” – A Hawaiian Mystery That’s More Than Just a Beach Read

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One Big Itch

One Big Itch By Sara Williams

Dive into Sara Williams’ latest novel where the tropical paradise of Honolulu meets the dark alleys of mystery and murder.

A riveting and enthralling murder mystery amid the vibrant colors of Hawaiian Culture”

— – Greg P. of MainSpring Books

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 7, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — MainSpring Books is thrilled to announce the release of “One Big Itch,” the latest novel by acclaimed author Sara Williams. Set against the vibrant backdrop of Honolulu during the Aloha Week Festival, this book is not just a story—it’s an experience.

“One Big Itch” invites readers to the sun-soaked streets of Hawaii, where the scent of plumerias wafts through the air and danger lurks in the shadows. Sara Williams, a seasoned magazine writer and newspaper reporter, weaves a tale so rich and immersive that the Hawaiian Islands rise vividly off the page.

The novel introduces us to John Spyer, a private detective with a knack for uncovering the truth in a city where nothing is as it seems. When Spyer takes on the case of the murdered celebrity scholar Randolph Haverhill, he’s plunged into a world of deceit, where every friendly face could mask a killer’s heart.

Williams’ narrative is a masterclass in suspense, with each chapter peeling back layers of a mystery as complex as the Hawaiian culture itself. The book’s review by MainSpring Books describes it as “a riveting and enthralling murder mystery amid the vibrant colors of Hawaiian Culture.”

But “One Big Itch” is more than just a murder mystery. It’s a cultural tapestry, rich with the history and art of Hawaii, and peppered with the local patois that gives the story its authentic voice. Readers will be transported to the heart of the islands, where the spirit of “Aloha” is shadowed by the thrills and chills of Sara Williams’ imagination.

Sara Williams, who once sailed to Maui and never looked back, infuses her narrative with the same passion that kept her anchored to the islands. Her love for Hawaii’s lore and landscape turns “One Big Itch” into a literary getaway, a chance to escape to the tropics with a dash of danger for added excitement.

Join MainSpring Books in celebrating the launch of “One Big Itch.” Uncover the secrets of Honolulu with John Spyer and discover why Sara Williams is the new queen of mystery.

Grab a copy today on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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