New University Rankings From Interstride Highlight International Student Employment Outcomes

First-of-its-kind report highlights top U.S. universities based on international student support and employment outcomes.

Interstride's University Rankings

Interstride's University Rankings feature the top U.S. universities by international student employment outcomes

As growth in international student enrollment at U.S. universities struggles to keep pace with other competing nations, it is critical to highlight what matters for international students: employment outcomes. Interstride, a leading higher-education technology platform, has launched its inaugural U.S. university rankings for international students. The rankings highlight over 170 higher-ed institutions based on international students' employment outcomes after graduation. 

Interstride's report ranks U.S. universities on five key factors: the number of international students enrolled, students' success in finding temporary employment through the Optional Practical Training (OPT) and the STEM OPT Extension programs, alumni's success in securing permanent residency through employment, and the number of international staff and faculty employed. 

"International students consider employability during the admissions process, yet there is no easy, unbiased way to judge that," said Nitin Agrawal, Interstride co-founder and CEO. "International students heavily rely on rankings, but they don't show how universities perform on career outcomes. So, we wanted to change that."   

Interstride's university rankings help international students identify universities that are exhibiting leadership in attracting, retaining, and supporting international students in finding employment in the U.S. This differs from traditional rankings with opaque methodologies, subjective metrics, and indicators that have little impact on international students and their career outcomes. 

Interstride's rankings, in contrast, highlight what matters to international applicants and students: career support and employment outcomes. With international student enrollment growing at a faster rate in competitor markets such as the U.K., Canada, and Australia, employability is an important differentiation factor for U.S. universities. 

"Schools can benefit from this new data as it will allow them to compare their own efforts at international student recruitment and job placement with other schools," said Agrawal.   

Interstride's full rankings can be viewed here.

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