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Filmmaking Newcomer Bryan Brooks Releases Ambitious Thriller Film

I want my audience to be entertained but also get something deeper out of their viewing experience.”

— Bryan Brooks

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, November 2, 2023 / — California based filmmaker Bryan Brooks released an ambitious project last year that is now calling much attention. His film sets itself apart from others in the action/horror genre in that it was created, almost in its entirety, by Brooks himself. His independent film WRECKER has been making waves with audiences. Brooks is the film’s producer, financier, writer, editor, set designer, fight choreographer, special effects artist, stunt man, sound designer, colorist, costume designer and lead actor.

Bryan Brooks set his sights on filmmaking after a near death incident aboard a crab boat in the Bering Sea. The event made him ponder the direction his life was going. A rogue wave struck the port side of the boat and rocked the crew and the boat’s contents back and forth violently. The chain holding the crab pot the crew had been working on snapped and dropped the 800lb cage on top of Brooks, crushing him against the deck. A crane was needed to pull the heavy cage off his body, finally allowing him to breath again. “It was that moment, that first breath of life giving air, that I realized I had been given a second chance to do something worthwhile with my life.” As a child, Brooks loved watching movies and reliving the stories in his head. After the accident, new found courage prompted Brooks to follow that childhood dream. He spent 10 months healing from the injuries he sustained in the accident. During this time he set his sights on the entertainment industry and aimed to tackle a nearly impossible goal. Brooks set out to make a feature length movie all by himself, one that could compete with the big studios. He went to school to learn each and every aspect of the filmmaking process, writing classes, acting, lighting, set design, editing and special effects. The time and dedication it took to learn each discipline was nearly overwhelming, but Brooks’ determination prevailed. Brooks spent 9 years learning each discipline of the filmmaking process with the goal in mind to touch the hearts and minds of audience members with positive messages wrapped inside his films.

“Stories can affect us, stories can change our perception, enhance our knowledge, make us sad, make us happy, and make us better people. A great story with interesting characters can teach life lessons and even practical skills. I want my audience to be entertained but also get something deeper out of their viewing experience.” The creation of a film is no easy undertaking. Every big budget Hollywood film devotes between 4 to 7 minutes of screen time to the listing of every person involved in each of the many aspects of production. For Brooks’ film WRECKER, the determined filmmaker’s name takes up most of the list. Brooks acted as the main protagonist, edited the entire film, built by hand every stage for every scene, painted the walls, trained actors and choreographed each fight scene, filmed several of his own close ups, wrote the script, designed the costumes, performed all his stunts and even stunts for other actors including 7 car crashes, found and permitted all filming locations, colored the footage, created all special effects, found and purchased all props and finally directed and produced the film.

Brooks wants other filmmakers to up their game. The vast majority of studio-backed films that are cranked out each year teach their viewers nothing. They contain mindless violence and predictable plot lines. Brooks insists major studio filmmakers should apply more effort. An engaging story can reach into a person’s mind and make him or her think, help them understand the world and its issues better.

With his latest feature WRECKER now available on Amazon Prime, Brooks is hoping his success will lead toward the funding for another film. Wrecker is now available in the US, Mexico, Canada, the UK and Australia.

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