King Sejong Institute Foundation’s Sejong Culture Academy Showcased Korean Culture Classes in 22 Countries

Showcasing various programs for learning Korean culture, such as Hanbok, Korean Dishes, literature, traditional music, and K-Pop.

2022 Moving Sejong Culture Academy

Center Vietnam King Sejong Institute held a Korean food class as 'Moving Sejong Culture Acadmey' at HUTECH (Ho Chi Minh University of Technology)

SEOUL, South Korea - January 11, 2023 - (

The King Sejong Institute Foundation ("Foundation") announced the successful operation of the "Sejong Culture Academy," which provides high-quality Korean culture learning programs at 41 King Sejong Institutes in 22 countries in 2022.

Participants can learn Korean culture more systematically from highly renowned experts in each field by participating in the "Sejong Culture Academy" project hosted by the Foundation since 2016. Taught in-person until 2019, it briefly transitioned to contactless learning due to the global spread of COVID-19 but returned to in-person learning this year. The "Sejong Culture Academy" covers various topics from traditional culture, such as Gukak (Korean traditional music), Samulnori (Korean percussion music), and Hanji (Korean paper) Craft, to popular culture, such as K-Pop and K-Beauty. The classes are held 1-2 times a week, lasting 90-120 minutes each.

This year's "Sejong Culture Academy" showcased Korean culture learning programs in 19 areas, attracting more than 3,000 participants. Especially, the Center Vietnam King Sejong Academy operated the "Moving Sejong Culture Academy" to provide opportunities for local university students and Korean faculty or even middle and high school students to learn Korean culture.

Furthermore, the Foundation developed the "Sejong Culture Academy" general curriculum so that it can be operated more systematically in 2020. An advanced curriculum where students can systematically learn Korean Dishes, Traditional Plays, K-Style, and K-Pop in the field will also be developed.

"I can feel the increased demand for various aspects of Korean culture in many countries from the 'Sejong Culture Academy' thanks to the popularity of K-Wave content. I will systematically continue the 'Sejong Culture Academy' project so that foreign learners can understand Korean culture in depth," Chairman Lee Hae-young vowed.

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