STONE-MOUNTAIN, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, March 13, 2024 / — Debut author Jeremiah Stubbs has recently launched his thought-provoking book, “Ending the Supremacy of Evil: The Only Solution.” Released on August 2, 2023, the book delves into the systemic issues plaguing Black Americans and others, attributing them to the unlimited restrictions within the United States Constitution.

In “Ending the Supremacy of Evil,” Stubbs meticulously dissects the repercussions of the Equal Protection Clause and the First Amendment, arguing that these legal provisions inadvertently grant rights to malevolent entities, enabling them to perpetrate harm without consequence. The author contends that a critical understanding of this constitutional framework is essential to comprehending the root causes of societal issues and injustices.

Jeremiah Stubbs goes further to propose a groundbreaking and realistic solution to eradicate immoral individuals from positions of governmental authority. By presenting a meticulous analysis of the issues and an innovative approach to rectify them, Stubbs challenges readers to reconsider their perceptions of justice, equality, and the role of the Constitution in shaping a fair and equitable society.

“The Only Solution” section of the book offers a clear, well-reasoned pathway to eliminating corrupt influences from governmental structures. Stubbs, through

meticulous research and compelling arguments, aims to spark conversations about reform and the reevaluation of existing legal frameworks.

The book is now available on major platforms, including Amazon and Barnes & Noble, inviting readers to explore Stubbs’ unique perspective on social justice and constitutional reform. As a debut author, Jeremiah Stubbs brings a fresh voice to the discourse surrounding systemic issues, offering a compelling narrative and a call to action for those seeking meaningful change.

“Ending the Supremacy of Evil: The Only Solution” is a must-read for individuals interested in the intersection of law, justice, and societal transformation.

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