Imagene Increases Accessibility of Rapid AI-Based Biomarker Profiling Through Integration With Sectra

ImageneOI is the first NSCLC genomic profiling AI tool on the Sectra Amplifier Marketplace.

Imagene, a pioneer in AI-based precision oncology, today announced the integration of its groundbreaking AI-based biomarker profiling platform, ImageneOITM, with international medical imaging IT company Sectra and their digital pathology solution. Healthcare providers around the world using the Sectra platform can integrate ImageneOI to seamlessly access and use the rapid AI-based NSCLC biomarker profiling within their existing digital pathology workflows.

ImageneOI utilizes artificial intelligence to rapidly profile a broad range of cancer biomarkers from digitized H&E biopsy images alone. The integration with the Sectra digital pathology solution initially focuses on Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC), the deadliest cancer, and is the first and currently the only molecular biomarker profiling tool on the Sectra marketplace.

“The availability of ImageneOI via the Sectra Amplifier Marketplace marks an important step in our mission to make rapid AI-based biomarker profiling widely accessible and integrated within the pathology workflows,” said Dean Bitan, Co-founder and CEO of Imagene. “It empowers healthcare providers with immediate molecular profiling capabilities within the premises of their pathology labs, enabling them to make timely well-informed decisions.”

ImageneOI sets a new paradigm in biomarker profiling, overcoming key barriers and limitations in current methods. It enables faster turnaround times, delivering results within minutes from uploading the biopsy image, and providing crucial molecular information at the pathology lab. It streamlines processes and assists in prioritizing the use of tissue samples and further testing, thereby navigating the diagnosis route in an optimal way. This efficiency is particularly vital in time-sensitive cancers, like NSCLC.

The Sectra Amplifier Marketplace, a hub for cutting-edge pathology and radiology AI applications, will feature ImageneOI, available for research use only, as the first NSCLC molecular biomarker panel in the marketplace. This inclusion ensures wider accessibility of this transformative technology across a vast network of hospitals and laboratories.

About Imagene

Imagene is an emerging leader in AI-based precision oncology, leveraging AI to profile a broad range of cancer biomarkers from digitized biopsy images within minutes. The company empowers physicians with immediate oncology intelligence, facilitating optimal treatment decisions for more cancer patients. Awarded the 2023 Digital Health Award for “Best Use of AI in HealthTech” and the Technology Leadership Best Practices Award by Frost & Sullivan, Imagene's success derives from its cutting-edge technology and multidisciplinary team of experts dedicated to advancing precision oncology and improving cancer patient care.

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Original Source: Imagene Increases Accessibility of Rapid AI-Based Biomarker Profiling Through Integration With Sectra

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