Hughes Technology’s SmartData School Safety Software Selected as EdTech Cool Tool Awards Finalist

Hughes Technology, a leading provider of innovative Ed-Tech solutions, has been named a finalist for the EdTech Cool Tool Awards for its SmartData School Safety Software. The software is designed to provide school districts with a comprehensive safety assessment to identify and mitigate risks and vulnerabilities, promoting a safe learning environment.

"We are honored to be recognized as a finalist in the EdTech Cool Tool Awards for our SmartData School Safety software," said Harvey Hughes, Founder & Chief Strategist of Hughes Technology. "Our software helps school districts identify potential security risks and vulnerabilities and provides actionable recommendations to improve their security posture. We take the utmost pride in providing technology solutions that contribute to a safer learning environment for students and staff."

SmartData School Safety is recognized in the security (cybersecurity, student safety) solution category for its ability to collect and analyze data to identify potential security risks, including cybersecurity threats and student safety concerns. The software provides school administrators with a customized assessment of their security posture, detailing the strengths and weaknesses of their security policies and procedures.

The SmartData School Safety software uses a multi-layered approach to security assessments, providing a comprehensive report with recommendations to improve the security posture of the school district. The platform assesses the physical security of school facilities and the effectiveness of security policies and procedures.

The winners of the EdTech Cool Tool Awards were announced on March 29, 2023. Hughes Technology is thrilled to be recognized as a finalist and looks forward to providing continued innovation to help school districts maintain a safe and secure learning environment.

About Hughes Technology / SmartData School Safety

Hughes Technology has been at the forefront of positively affecting innovation in the Ed-Tech sector for over 30 years. We believe every child deserves an opportunity to have a quality classroom experience and that every instructor deserves the necessary data to make that experience possible. Our goal is to provide technology that empowers students, teachers, and superintendents to reach their full potential.

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Original Source: Hughes Technology's SmartData School Safety Software Selected as EdTech Cool Tool Awards Finalist

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