Gold Coast Rising Star, Charlie Mitchell Works With Music Legend Louie Shelton

Gold Coast Rising Star, Charlie Mitchell Works With Music Legend Louie Shelton

Charlie Mitchell 17 Yr Old Gold Coast Rising Star

Charlie Mitchell in Recording Studio

Charlie Mitchell in Studio

Louie Shelton Legendary Guitarist

Louie Shelton Legendary Guitarist & Music Hall of Fame Inductee, Photo credit Rusty Russell

Gold Coast Rising Star 17 yr old Singer Charlie Mitchell partners with Legendary Guitarist & Music Hall of Fame Inductee Louie Shelton to create Musical Alchemy

Charlie Mitchell is a Super Star in the making”

— Narada Michael Walden

GOLD COAST, QLD, AUSTRALIA, September 19, 2023/ — In the world of music, stars are born, and legends are made. Charlie Mitchell, the 17-year-old sensation from the Gold Coast, Australia, is undeniably on the path to stardom. The journey of this young talent took a momentous turn when he worked with none other than Multiple Grammy Award-Winning Producer Narada Michael Walden.

Walden, a legend in his own right, declared, “Charlie Mitchell is a Super Star in the making.” Together, they crafted Charlie’s debut single, “Even After,” a heartfelt ballad penned by talented friend and entertainer Brian Evans, also known as The Crooner Man, along with Jessie Stenger and Charlie himself. The result? A tune that debuted at #1 on the Play MPE Charts for Radio Play in 2022 for Adult Contemporary Music.

Fast forward twelve months, and Charlie Mitchell’s star continues to ascend. He’s now collaborating with none other than the Legendary Session Guitarist, Louie Shelton, a distinguished member of the Music Hall of Fame and a successful producer. Shelton’s illustrious career includes working with legends like Art Garfunkel, Seals & Crofts, and being a cornerstone of the famed Los Angeles “Wrecking Crew.”

Shelton’s guitar riffs and solos have graced numerous No. 1 hit records, including classics like “Low Down” by Boz Scaggs, “Hello” by Lionel Richie, and “I Want You Back,” “ABC,” and “I’ll Be There” by The Jackson 5, to name just a few. His extensive list of collaborators reads like a who’s who of music history, featuring luminaries like John Lennon, Michael Jackson, Glen Campbell, Marvin Gaye, James Brown, Whitney Houston, Barbara Streisand, Ella Fitzgerald and many more.

At the age of 82, Louie Shelton shows no signs of slowing down, maintaining his recording studio and staying active in music production. In a serendipitous twist, Charlie Mitchell, found himself living on the Gold Coast just a stone’s throw away from the music legend.

While Charlie may be young, his musical spirit is timeless. He possesses an extraordinary passion for singing classics from the Great American Songbook, Old School Rock ‘n’ Roll, and the very songs Louie Shelton once played on. This unique connection bridges generations and genres, creating a musical synergy that promises to be nothing short of magical.

Charlie Mitchell’s collaboration with Louie Shelton opens doors to a world of experience dating back to the 1960s, working with renowned producers like Quincy Jones and labels like Sony, Warner Bros, and Motown Records. This partnership places Charlie in an enviable position, with access to invaluable advice and a network of seasoned professionals to help shape his debut EP.

Charlie has written his own original songs but has also recorded two exceptional covers. One is a reimagined Motown classic, tailored to suit the warm timbre of Charlie’s voice, while the other is a unique take on a Great American Songbook classic, infused with an upbeat twist.

Charlie’s original songs span genres from Swing and Jazz to Old School Pop, which captured Louie Shelton’s attention. Shelton expressed his excitement about this emerging talent and believes that Charlie has a bright future ahead of him.

The collaboration between these two musicians, seemingly worlds apart in age and experience, promises to yield musical alchemy. Combining the magic of the old and the innovation of the new, Charlie and Louie are set to deliver a wonderful musical experience.

The release of Charlie Mitchell’s new music is anticipated to grace streaming platforms, including Spotify and iTunes, in late October. Stay tuned for an enchanting journey into the past, present, and future of music.

Charlie Mitchell has 61,000 Followers on his Facebook Page at Charlie Mitchell Music.

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