Ghosts and Garnets Podcast Captivates with August Shocks and September Surprises

Idaho’s Trending True Crime Podcast Adds More Chilling Stories and Even More Listeners

I just got the shivers. It is mind-boggling how somebody could be lusting over somebody so much that they would be willing to murder their own child.”

— Camden Schacher, Co-host of Ghosts and Garnets

BOISE, IDAHO, UNITED STATES, September 19, 2023/ — In August, the true crime podcast Ghosts and Garnets took listeners on a rollercoaster ride through some of Idaho’s most enigmatic true crime stories. The podcast now has over 50,000 listeners across 55 countries, and it’s trending fast. With hosts Whitney Rivera and Camden Schacher at the helm, Ghosts and Garnets continues to captivate true crime enthusiasts worldwide with chilling tales and entertaining commentary.

First up in August were their most popular episodes — the enthralling two-part series on Lori Vallow and Chad Daybell. Podcast hosts Rivera and Schacher take a snarky perspective on the unsettling case and share new insights you’ve probably never heard on this newsline story.

Co-host of Ghosts and Garnets, Camden Schacher, comments on the deranged love story of Lori Vallow and Chad Daybell and shares, “I just got the shivers. It is mind-boggling how somebody could be lusting over somebody so much that they would be willing to murder their own child. The delusion these two carry is truly unbelievable. And what’s even crazier — they are not even attempting to hide or cover anything up. Insanity is an understatement.”

Next up on “Episode 47: The Internment of Lloyd Ford,” Rivera and Schacher unraveled a 30-year-old family mystery laden with marriage, murder, and guilt. Things got even juicier on the next episode, which exposed the web of lies, cheating, and deadly consequences in the Kandi Hall, Rob Hall, and Emmett Corrigan story.

Wrapping up August was a journey filled with scheming and manipulation in “Episode 49: Roadtrip Arkansas — Bubble Butts, Car Bombs, and Mary Lee Orsini.”’ This features the bewildering life of Mary Lee Orsini and her entangled relationships.

“This is the most bananas story we have ever told.” Rivera says during the episode. “Something about Southern true crime hits different.”

Ghosts and Garnets doesn’t plan on slowing down in the coming months. The upcoming episodes promise to be as gripping as ever, with new stories, revelations, and twists that will leave listeners eagerly awaiting each release. Some of the next podcast titles include “Episode 52: A Mourning Cruise — Lori Isenberg” and “Episode 53: Roadtrip to California.”

Plus, their fan base who sign up to be an exclusive patreon get to listen to one more episode: “September Patreon Bonus Episode: Rhinoceros in the Road — Edgar Steele.” To learn more about becoming a patreon, go here.

As the podcast’s global audience continues to grow, Ghosts and Garnets solidifies its position as a must-listen for true crime aficionados. Tune in every Wednesday to discover the darkest secrets from Idaho and beyond with Ghosts and Garnets on Spotify, Audible, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and more.

About Ghosts and Garnets Podcast:
Hosted by lifelong friends Whitney Rivera and Camden Schacher, Ghosts and Garnets is a true crime podcast that blends well-researched storytelling with humor and a touch of absurdity. This laugh-out-loud show promises listeners a unique and entertaining perspective on true crime. Each episode of the podcast raises awareness about these real-life cases that have long haunted communities and captivated the public’s imagination.

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