Getwon M Butler Unveils Debut Book “4 Seasons” – An Enchanting Tale of Mother Nature’s Origins

CONYERS, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, January 9, 2024 / — Acclaimed author and illustrator Getwon M Butler has proudly announced the release of his debut book, “4 Seasons,” a captivating exploration into the origin story of Mother Nature and the enchanting tales of the four seasons. The book, released on January 30th, 2018, takes readers on an imaginative journey alongside Mother Nature and the four seasons as they unite to protect the Earth.

In “4 Seasons,” Butler weaves a spellbinding narrative that unravels the mysteries behind the creation of the four seasons, providing readers with a delightful and educational experience. The book serves as the first installment in a series that promises many more captivating adventures to come. As a multi-talented artist, Getwon Butler is not only the author but also the illustrator of “4 Seasons.” A first-time author, Butler’s childhood dream of becoming a cartoonist has been fulfilled through his dedication and the opportunities afforded by the internet.

Born in Portsmouth, Virginia, and currently residing in Georgia, Butler brings a unique perspective to his work as a writer, illustrator, animator, and self-published author. “4 Seasons” is not just a book; it’s a celebration of creativity and inspiration. Getwon Butler’s life purpose is to kindle the flame of creativity in dreamers of all ages, and “4 Seasons” stands as a testament to that commitment. In addition to the book, Butler has also released a coloring book featuring the original characters from “4 Seasons,” providing readers with an interactive and artistic extension of the enchanting world he has created.

Getwon M Butler’s debut masterpiece, “4 Seasons,” is now available on major

platforms, including Amazon and Barnes & Noble. For those who appreciate a

captivating tale that combines fantasy with valuable lessons, “4 Seasons” is a


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