Sci-Fi Dance Floor in the Future

Anna Fishbeyn’s Visionary Film is Set to Shake Up Festival de Cannes 2024

A future where men and women empathize with one another through humor…Let’s leave our stereotypes at the door and dance our differences away.”

— Anna Fishbeyn

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, May 9, 2024 / — “Galaxy 360: A Woman’s Playground,” starring and directed by Anna Fishbeyn, is already gaining momentum in Cannes, where it will screen with a futuristic afterparty in Cannes on May 19th during Festival de Cannes 2024.


Set in the year 2195, “Galaxy 360: A Woman’s Playground” explores a future where women have all the power and men compete in a hilarious beauty pageant, dreaming of marriage.

The film, which has already sold out screenings in Toronto and New York, is expected to be a hot ticket in Cannes. The Eventbrite listing for the screening has quickly become one of the most popular events in the city, reflecting the widespread interest and anticipation surrounding “Galaxy 360.”


This week, Anna was invited to speak about the film’s buzz on the television show Living Local, which streams on CBS, The CW, and Fox. “’Galaxy 360’ has always been more than a movie,” Anna explains “The film is a movement – an experience intended to catapult audiences out of their current comfort zones and into another reality – a future where men and women empathize with one another through humor, and live in each other’s shoes.”

For that purpose, Fishbeyn created Movement 360, a new hybrid streaming platform that offers innovative bold content and thematically-linked events, which Fishbeyn calls “experiential cinema” where audiences are invited to be part of the film. “Our motto is: let’s change the world one screening and one event at a time,” says Fishbeyn.

“With entertainment becoming increasingly more digitized and powered by AI, I think it’s important to keep creating spaces for human connection.”

This is more than just dressing up like one’s favorite character in a film – this is about sparking conversations and creating mind-shifts. At the heart of “Galaxy 360” is Fishbeyn’s intention to help women – to underscore the corrosive beauty pressures placed on women in our society, and she accomplishes this by objectifying the men. And while the method is laden with humor, the ultimate goal is social change – to bring about gender equality by forming bridges of connection and greater understanding between men and women.

Even the film’s vibrant colorful aesthetic is part of Fishbeyn’s intent to bring the female gaze to the male-dominated genre of Sci-Fi (MovieMarker Magazine). The women’s fashion is “bold and empowering” (FabUK Magazine) – while the men in the film spend most of their time clad in silver holographic speedos.

The “Galaxy 360” After-Party will echo the film’s themes and sense of humor. Guests are encouraged to abide by the dress code: Futuristic, Sparkly, Disco! Anna says: “those are the general guidelines but the idea is: imagine that the future is here and in the future you can be whatever you want. So wear something you don’t normally wear – feel free to be wild! Let’s leave our stereotypes at the door and dance our differences away.”

Her fun, creative approach to life can be seen in her social media posts that have helped fuel the film’s popularity and buzz. Such popular posts as “How Big is Your Dating Pool,” and “Why Do Men Cry?” have garnered over half-a million views, and her Galaxy360movie Instagram page went from reaching 144 accounts to over 2 million accounts in one week, preceding the sold out New York Valentine’s Day Event.

The film has already garnered impressive critical and audience responses, following its New York Premiere at the iconic Angelika Film Center. “Galaxy 360” was ranked as “the Number One Funniest Movie Right Now,” by Newstrail, described as “Revolutionizing Gender Roles” by FilmDaily and called, “a cult classic in the making” by New York Weekly.   

Don’t miss your chance to be part of the “Galaxy 360” experience during Festival de Cannes 2024. Sign up for Movement 360 to gain access to all of Anna Fishbeyn’s innovative content and events, and secure your tickets for the exclusive Cannes screening before they sell out. This will be an unforgettable evening that combines thought-provoking cinema, creative self-expression, and the joy of community.

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