FLC Unveils a New Virtual Platform to Showcase Federal Innovation

Released: July 10, 2023

(WASHINGTON, DC – July 10, 2023) The Federal Laboratory Consortium (FLC) today launched a new look for its popular LabTech in Your Life virtual experience that illustrates how federal innovation is part of our everyday lives — from better poultry and low-fat cheese in our refrigerators to aircraft safety and luggage scanners at our airports.  These products, and many thousands of others, were developed with the support of federal technology transfer — moving innovations from the federal lab to the marketplace to benefit society, the economy and national security.

FLC’s new platform is built on a foundation of animated realism to educate the public on the impact of federal laboratory innovation.

The House and Airport tours feature 86 technologies from nine federal agencies, the:

  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration,
  • Department of Health and Human Services,
  • Environmental Protection Agency,
  • Department of Transportation,
  • Department of Homeland Security,
  • Department of Defense,
  • Department of Energy,
  • Department of Commerce, and
  • Department of Agriculture.

LabTech showcases key innovations that evolved from taxpayer-funded research to become products that make our lives safer and more comfortable. The FLC launched this platform with plans to add a virtual hospital site later this fall. The ultimate goal for LabTech is to showcase federal innovation across an entire virtual city.

“FLC is excited to present LabTech in Your Life in a new format,” says Paul Zielinski, FLC’s Executive Director. ”It’s a great tool that shows the value of federal technology transfer and its positive impact on our personal day-to-day.”

Both the LabTech at Home and LabTech in Flight, along with complete lists of the featured technologies, can be found on the FLC website.


About the FLC

The Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer is a formally chartered, nationwide network of more than 300 federal laboratories, agencies and research centers. The Consortium fosters commercialization best practice strategies and opportunities for accelerating federal technologies from out of the labs and into the marketplace.

To learn more, visit www.federallabs.org.

Media contact:
Carolina Olivieri
FLC Marketing Director 
[email protected]

Originally published at https://federallabs.org/about/media/flc-press-releases/flc-unveils-a-new-virtual-platform-to-showcase-federal-innovation

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