Filmmaker Defies Cerebral Palsy and Conquers Challenges to Ignite Change

Filmmaker Defies Cerebral Palsy and Conquers Challenges to Ignite Change

Steven Berkani at Work

Steven Berkani with Mom, Karen and Dad, Julien

Steven Berkani with Mom and Dad

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New Video Editing Equipment Will Help Him to Inspire Others

Living with Cerebral Palsy, I’ve faced and conquered challenges. I’ve been using my chin to edit videos on equipment that’s nearly a decade old.”

— Steven Berkani

PORT ORANGE, FLORIDA, USA, August 31, 2023/ — I’d like to take a detour from my routine of providing story releases about entrepreneurs and private companies to help a man who selflessly helps others day in and day out.

Steven Berkani is a 31-year-old gentleman who writes, produces, directs, and edits public service announcements (PSAs) and short films to help others live better. While Steven works for the benefit of others, his wonderful family aids him every step of the way. His mother, Karen; father, Julien; brother, Chris and sister, Melissa Grooms all have much to be proud of.

Here is a glimpse into Steven’s film work:

Steven P. Berkani Productions You Tube Channel

Steven P. Berkani in the Internet Movie Database (IMDb)

Steven P. Berkani on LinkedIn

As a filmmaker myself, I’ve had the pleasure of discussing many projects with Steven over the years. His strong will and persistence provide constant reminders that any obstacle may be overcome. No matter what our physical limitations are, we can overcome them as long as our minds are strong. Steven won’t know it until he reads this. However, he has helped me to overcome a fractured spine. No matter how bad the days used to get, I simply told myself, “Steven would view this as a minor inconvenience and work right through it.”

There is never any excuse that justifies us feeling sorry for ourselves or failing to persevere.

Steven is a great example of what may be accomplished when we simply put our minds toward conquering challenges, and we decide that we will persist each and every day no matter the odds.

While we may not be able to help Steven in his fight with Cerebral Palsy, we can all help him in his struggle to obtain modern video editing equipment to help him manage his important work.

In Steven’s own words on his Go Fund Me page:

“Hello, I’m Steven Berkani, an aspiring filmmaker on a mission to create powerful videos that ignite change. I’m reaching out to you for your valuable support in acquiring essential editing equipment that will take my filmmaking to new heights.

Living with Cerebral Palsy, I’ve faced and conquered challenges. I’ve been using my chin to edit videos on equipment that’s nearly a decade old. However, in order to continue honing my craft and delivering high-quality content, I need a significant upgrade. The cost of new equipment is a challenge I face, and your contribution will directly help bridge this gap.

Your support will enable me to acquire modern editing tools, software, and necessary adaptations that will exponentially improve my video production capabilities. By standing with me, you’re enabling my creativity to flourish and empowering me to bring to life stories that matter.

The journey of inclusive filmmaking is one we can undertake together. Your generosity will not only help me overcome financial barriers but also allow me to continue producing impactful videos that drive social change. Thank you for being a part of this significant endeavor.”

#EmpowerCreativity #InclusiveFilmmaking #MakeAnImpact

I implore everyone who reads this to do what you can to help Steven continue to help others. Please visit his Go Fund Me page and contribute what you can.

Please help Steven continue to Empower Creativity and Make an Impact in our world through his Inclusive Filmmaking.

I thank you.

Robert J. Smith

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Florida filmmaker defies odds to make his art

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