Film Producer/Director Mike Burns to Launch Scripted Podcast Network Dedicated to Helping Screenwriters and Songwriters

Mike Burns @the Aster’s screening room in Hollywood, CA

Feature film director and music supervisor Mike Burns** enters into the world of scripted podcasts aimed at empowering screenwriters and songwriters.

Writers are the lifeblood of both the film and music industries, and Movipods offers a vehicle for them to thrive in the new digital economy.”

— Mike Burns

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, September 6, 2023/ — **Feature film director and music supervisor, Mike Burns** is set to make a groundbreaking entry into the world of scripted podcasts with the launch of a dedicated podcast network aimed at empowering screenwriters and songwriters. The visionary initiative, spearheaded by Burns, will serve as a dynamic platform for nurturing new talent, developing creative projects, and leveraging the burgeoning potential of the pod-verse as an incubator for future feature films and Television series.

Through strategic co-production agreements with the Movipods network, writers gain the opportunity to leverage their existing properties as audio dramas. This approach enables IP development and monetization in partnership with writers without compromising any of the writers’ strike guidelines, offering a promising avenue for writers to continue their creative pursuits and develop a sustainable publishing income stream during this challenging period.

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In today’s ever-evolving entertainment landscape, the pod-verse has emerged as a fertile ground for discovering fresh creative properties that resonate with audiences. Multiple studios, television networks, and streaming platforms have capitalized on the wealth of content being incubated in the podcast space. **Mike Burns**, with his extensive experience in the film industry, recognized the tremendous potential of this platform and seized the opportunity to aid aspiring writers in getting their projects off the ground.

**Movipods**, the aptly named podcast network, whose diverse portfolio currently includes dramas, thrillers, sci-fi, comedies, and musical genres, is championing the development and packaging of creative concepts through early iterations in the pod-verse. With a focus on fostering visibility and providing valuable metrics to production executives, Burns aims to facilitate the transition of exceptional podcast content to mainstream entertainment avenues.

“It’s no secret that many properties have been plucked from the pod-verse and successfully launched as shows on major streaming platforms and TV networks,” states Burns. “We are planting a flag for filmmakers to bring their screenplays to life to the masses creating high visibility and valuable insights for studios, networks, and streamers. We also believe that songwriters can build sustainable income streams through creating unique storytelling vehicles we’re calling Movipod Musicals, that feature their music. Writers are the lifeblood of both the film and music industries, and Movipods offers a vehicle for them to thrive in the new digital economy.”

The podcast network, spearheaded by Burns, has already produced an impressive lineup of 10 films and series, spanning various genres including dramas, sci-fi, comedies, and musicals. These innovative narratives are poised to captivate audiences and bring a fresh perspective to traditional film development.

The inaugural podcast series, titled **”Movipods Presents”** and **“Movipods Musicals”**, are set to launch this fall, showcasing a captivating collection of films and musicals. As the network’s first endeavor, it embodies Burns’ commitment to supporting the artistic endeavors of screenwriters and songwriters, while creating a new paradigm shift for the development and packaging of IP for the entertainment industry.

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**About Mike Burns**

**Mike Burns** is a respected feature film director and film music executive with a proven track record of over 80 feature film credits over a 25-year career. With a passion for discovering and nurturing emerging talent, Burns has taken the lead in leveraging the power of scripted podcasts to help screenwriters and songwriters bring their creative visions to life. For more information, please visit [](

**About Movipods**

**Movipods** is a dynamic scripted podcast network founded by Mike Burns, dedicated to providing a platform for screenwriters and songwriters to showcase their talents and develop their projects. With an array of diverse projects spanning drama, sci-fi, comedies, and musicals, the network seeks to redefine filmmaking in the digital age. The flagship podcast series, **”Movipods Presents”** and **“Movipods Musicals”**, are set to unveil an exciting lineup of films and musicals this fall. For more information, please visit [](

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