Federal Laboratory Consortium Enters into Partnership with The Licensing Executive Society (LES) USA and Canada

Federal Laboratory Consortium Enters into Partnership with The Licensing Executive Society (LES) USA and Canada

Released: March 20, 2024

(WASHINGTON, DC –  March 20, 2024) The Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer (FLC) has entered a strategic partnership with the Licensing Executives Society (USA and Canada), Inc. (LES) to use their respective awards programs to promote technology transfer success. The partnership creates a pipeline for eligible FLC Awards submission to also be considered for LES Awards, amplifying the submitter’s reach in the LES community of entrepreneurs and IP experts.

The partnership with LES is part of the FLC’s ongoing campaign to improve relationships and collaboration among federal laboratories and similar organizations. LES is a nonprofit association for intellectual property, technology and business development professionals that facilitates knowledge-sharing on intellectual property and licensing. Together, the FLC and LES are advancing the business of intellectual property to fuel innovation and economic growth.

“We’re very excited to partner with LES to continue to promote and recognize technology transfer success across the licensing community,” said Paul Zielinski, FLC executive director. “This partnership will help amplify the value of federal technology transfer focused on the IP and licensing sector.”

The FLC and LES signed a memorandum of understanding on February 1, 2024, stating that the FLC will share with LES all FLC Award program submissions with a licensing component, if the nominees agree. The annual FLC Awards honor professionals, teams and collaborations that represent the best in federal tech transfer. Under the agreement, the FLC and LES may also enter future mutually beneficial opportunities, such as special events and joint promotions.

LES is pleased to partner with FLC to promote research and development which advances innovations in technology and creates business opportunities to commercialize inventions. The LES Deal of Distinction Awards recognize technology licensing deals that promote creative and innovative solutions to business issues involving contracts, and are independently selected by each of the industry sectors of LES,” said Ann Cannoni, President and Chair of LES.

Learn more about FLC’s organizational partners here. Groups interested in working with federal laboratories should contact the FLC to learn more at: [email protected]


About the FLC 

The Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer (FLC) is a formally chartered, nationwide network of more than 300 federal laboratories, agencies, and research centers that foster commercialization best practice strategies and opportunities for accelerating federal technologies from out of the labs and into the marketplace. To learn more, visit www.federallabs.org


About the Licensing Executives Society (USA and Canada), Inc. (LES)

LES is a leading association for intellectual property, technology, and business development professionals. The group brings IP and licensing groups together to network, collaborate and discuss some of the most critical issues facing the industry. The LES community drives strategy, transactions, and deals involving intellectual property, business and law, to fuel the evolving innovation economy. For more information, visit: https://www.lesusacanada.org/

Media contact: Carolina Olivieri, FLC Marketing Director [email protected] 


Originally published at https://federallabs.org/about/media/flc-press-releases/federal-laboratory-consortium-enters-into-partnership-with-the-licensing-executive-society-(les)-usa

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