Federal Laboratory Consortium Enters into Partnership with EarthX

Released: March 13, 2023

WASHINGTON, D.C.— March 13, 2023— The Federal Laboratory Consortium (FLC) has entered into a strategic partnership with EarthX as part of an ongoing campaign to improve collaboration between federal laboratories and small businesses.  This partnership will facilitate economic development and public benefit by building stronger relationships among federal laboratories, leaders in the innovation ecosystem, investors, and small businesses to move research to the marketplace.

Founded in 2011 and based in Dallas, Texas, EarthX connects the general public, businesses, investors, governments, nonprofits, and innovators to combat the world’s most pressing environmental challenges by raising awareness of, educating the public about, and catalyzing businesses to invest in clean technology to combat climate change.  EarthX is a proud member of the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

Under the strategic partnership, the FLC and EarthX will jointly encourage collaborations between federal laboratories and businesses addressing climate change to move technologies out of the lab and into the marketplace—a vital process known as technology transfer.  These public-private partnerships will support new innovations while creating jobs and other economic benefits. 

One of these opportunities will be EarthX’s annual E-Capital Summit, which is an invitation-only sustainability-focused investment and innovation conference held during the annual EarthX event around Earth Day (April 22).  The E-Capital Summit convenes innovators, investors and industry leaders focused on sustainability, conservation, clean technology, and climate technology.  An integral part of this industry-leading event is the opportunity to highlight innovators, companies, and technologies that emerge from federal labs.  You can find more information on the E-Capital Summit here: earthx.org/conferences/e-capital-summit.

“We are excited to collaborate with FLC to help raise awareness, educate, and connect sustainability-focused investors and small businesses,” said Vikram Agrawal, Director of EarthxCapital.  “We need to foster greater collaboration within the investment and innovation ecosystem, and it starts with the backbone of American innovation coming out of our federal labs, which the FLC is helping lead.

“This collaboration with EarthX will strengthen the FLC’s ability to support technology transfer focused on climate change and global sustainability,” said Paul Zielinski, FLC Executive Director.  “We’re excited to work with EarthX to help connect small businesses in the climate innovation ecosystem with federal labs for economic development that positively impacts our environment.”

To learn more about the FLC’s organizational partners, visit federallabs.org/engage/flc-strategic-partners.  Groups interested in working with federal laboratories should contact the FLC at [email protected].


The FLC is a formally chartered nationwide network of more than 300 federal laboratories, agencies, and research centers that foster commercialization best practice strategies and opportunities for accelerating federal technologies out of labs and into the marketplace.  To learn more, visit federallabs.org


EarthX is an international nonprofit environmental organization dedicated to educating and inspiring people and organizations to take action toward a more sustainable future worldwide.  EarthX assembles and connects people all over the globe to explore sustainable solutions.  To learn more, visit earthx.org


Originally published at https://federallabs.org/about/media/flc-press-releases/federal-laboratory-consortium-enters-into-partnership-with-earthx

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