Federal Laboratory Consortium Enters into Partnership with Development Capital Networks

Released: August 31, 2021

(WASHINGTON, DC – August 31, 2021) The Federal Laboratory Consortium (FLC) has entered into a strategic partnership with Development Capital Networks (DCN), based in Oklahoma City, OK, as part of an ongoing campaign to help entrepreneurs succeed through collaborations with federal laboratories.

DCN, launched in 1997, helps communities build innovation ecosystems by providing funding for entrepreneurs by expanding access to technology, capital and talent. DCN signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the FLC on August 24, 2021.

Under the agreement, the FLC and DCN will jointly encourage partnerships between federal laboratories and industry, especially small businesses, to help move technologies out of the lab and into the marketplace – a vital process known as technology transfer. These public-private partnerships will support new innovations, leading to job creation and economic benefits.

The FLC and DCN will work together to promote and participate in mutually beneficial activities such as joint meetings, sponsorships and special events to maximize federal lab presence to connect with and benefit entrepreneurs and small businesses for greater economic development.

“DCN is honored to join with the FLC as partners to continue to forge strong public-private partnerships that drive economic growth by supporting entrepreneurs and small businesses,” said Sallie Traxler, Business Development Director and a founding member of DCN. “Working with the FLC, we can create more opportunities for small businesses to expand and build a stronger local economy.”

Paul Zielinski, FLC Executive director, noted that the MOU formalizes an evolving synergy between the two organizations. 

“DCN has participated with the FLC in several of our meetings and, as a firm, has focused on building an innovation ecosystem,” Zielinski said. “We are excited to formalize our partnership to continue to connect entrepreneurs with federal labs.” 

Learn more about the FLC’s organizational partners here. Groups interested in working with federal laboratories should contact the FLC to learn more at [email protected].

About the FLC

The Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer (FLC) is a formally chartered, nationwide network of more than 300 federal laboratories, agencies, and research centers that foster commercialization best practice strategies and opportunities for accelerating federal technologies from out of the labs and into the marketplace. To learn more, visit www.federallabs.org.

About DCN

DCN seeds the growth of entrepreneurs by attracting technology, capital, and talent to help communities build innovation economies. The in-depth experience of the national team is combined with local talent in the communities it serves as well as an extensive network of innovators and investors. That network includes Cimarron Capital Partners, a manager of targeted venture fund investments, and Innovate, Inc., a nonprofit that facilitates technology transfer. To learn more, visit https://www.dcnteam.com

Media contact: Carolina Olivieri, FLC Marketing Director [email protected]

Originally published at https://federallabs.org/about/media/flc-press-releases/federal-laboratory-consortium-enters-into-partnership-with-development-capital-networks

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