Exciting New Youth Center in Greenville, South Carolina -Eric Roberts Youth Center

Eric Roberts Youth Center

A Hub for Content Production and the Arts with Eric and Eliza Roberts

I am excited to help nurture the artistic and creative potential of Greenville’s youth. This center is a hub of inspiration, learning, and growth, and I’m honored to be a part of it.”

— Eric Roberts


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Greenville, SC, 11-18-23 — A thrilling new opportunity for the youth of Greenville, South Carolina is set to ignite the city’s creative scene. Evolution Creator Studios, in collaboration with renowned actor and filmmaker Eric Roberts, is proud to announce the Eric Roberts Youth Centers, an innovative facility dedicated to empowering local youth through the world of content production and the arts.

Located in the heart of Greenville, the Eric Roberts Youth Center is poised to become the epicenter for young talent seeking to explore their creative potential. Eric and Eliza Roberts, with their extensive experience in the film and entertainment industry, will serve as the center’s esteemed mentor and advisor, providing invaluable guidance to aspiring artists and content creators. There will be exciting events for their non-profit The Natural Child Project.

Key Highlights of the Eric Roberts Youth Centers:

1. Content Production Workshops: The center offers a range of workshops and training programs designed to nurture talent in filmmaking, video production, photography, and more. Eric Roberts will personally lead several of these sessions, offering rare insights and expertise to the eager students.

2. Arts Exploration: In addition to content production, the Eric Roberts Youth Centers also focuses on fostering talent in various art forms, including painting, drawing, music, and theater. Local and guest artists will conduct regular workshops to encourage creativity in all its forms.

3. State-of-the-Art Facilities: The center boasts modern, fully equipped studios, editing suites, art studios, and performance spaces to provide an immersive learning environment.

4. Collaborative Projects: Content Creators and Artists will have the opportunity to collaborate on real-world projects, enhancing their practical experience and building a strong portfolio.

5. Community Engagement: Evolution Creator Studios is committed to engaging with the local community by organizing exhibitions, showcases, and screenings to celebrate the achievements of our talented youth.

Eric Roberts, the acclaimed actor known for his roles in numerous films and television series, is thrilled to be a part of this venture. “I am excited to help nurture the artistic and creative potential of Greenville’s youth. This center is a hub of inspiration, learning, and growth, and I’m honored to be a part of it,” he said.

Crowd funding is live at IndieGoGo.com


About Evolution Creator Studios, LLC: Evolution Creator Studios is a 7,000 sq. ft. state of the art production facility for content creators, musicians, TV, and film Production. Designed to inspire and educate youth in the various media arts fields. Providing hands on workshops, webinars, and streaming content. World class production such as podcast development, filming, documentaries, radio, editing, photography, and short stories.

The team at Evolution Creator Studios set out to do something that would solve many issues with the content creation process. The goal was to develop a system that can be completely remote controlled from the studio. Everything from lighting to recording 4k video from any remote location. Expecting the person on the other end to set everything up perfectly was not possible in terms of achieving the best quality for broadcast standards. Groundbreaking proprietary tech is installed and fully functional.

Capturing all content in the highest possible quality at the main studio while directing the action at the remote location at the same time.

A team of youths creating a Vodcast can bring in a guest for an interview 3,000 miles away in real time. Now imagine having several interviews all at the same time.

An amazing team has been working around the clock on this. More information is on the web site at www.evolutioncreatorstudios.com

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Kris Harrison


Evolution Creator Studios, LLC


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Jervonne Thacker



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Join us in welcoming the Eric Roberts Youth Center to Greenville, South Carolina, and be a part of the next generation of creative talents emerging in our communities. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to explore the world of content production and the arts with Eric and Eliza Roberts and Evolution Creator Studios.

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