Crypto-Funded Romance Thriller “Little Deaths” to World Premiere at Los Angeles Film Festival

“Little Deaths” Film Poster (Courtesy of Bullish Productions)

Bullish Productions’ latest feature will screen at the Sherman Oaks Film Festival on November 30

This film is a testament to the Web3 community as well as the practical application of using crypto while filming internationally, the future of which is seamless P2P payments.”

— Adam Leotta, Bullish Productions

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, November 14, 2023 / — Bullish Productions announces its latest feature film “Little Deaths” to World Premiere at the Sherman Oaks Film Festival on Thursday, November 30.

“Little Deaths” is Bullish Productions’ third feature and its first to be funded entirely with cryptocurrency. The film joins the ranks of other notable Film3 projects this season including Miguel Faus’ “The Quiet Maid” and Cutter Hodierne’s “Cold Wallet.”

“Using crypto made traditional payment methods while abroad seem arcane and unnecessary,” said Adam Leotta of Bullish Productions. “This film is a testament to the Web3 community as well as the practical application of using crypto while filming internationally, the future of which is seamless P2P payments.”

Filmed over four weeks in Yucatan, Mexico, shooting locations included Merida, Sisal, Progresso, Dzibikak, and Uxmal. “Little Deaths” is the second film Bullish Productions has shot in the Yucatan, its first — “Out of Sight, Out of Mind” — debuted at the International Film Festival Rotterdam in 2019.

A romance-thriller, “Little Deaths” follows naive young couple Emily (Kerri Romeo) and David (Adam Leotta) as they flee into the jungle after disease and violent revolution ravages the city. As the harsh reality of survival turns their budding romance cold, deadly plague returns and reignites the lovers’ passion with a vow to take each other’s fate in their own hands.

Anchored by breathtaking cinematography and production design, and a tour-de-force performance by lead actress Kerri Romeo, “Little Deaths” is a compelling, transgressive portrait of modern romance in a dying world.

“[Little Deaths] creates an entirely original world that somehow manages to be both authentic and believable,” said Jeff Howard, Festival Runner, Sherman Oaks Film Festival. “The film is flawlessly acted and tells a story so compelling that it is simply impossible to take your eyes off the screen.”

A female intimacy coordinator (co-producer Nicole Alibayof) was used for the film’s multiple sex scenes which were fully choreographed before shooting and play an integral role in the characters’ relationship development and overall plot.

Recent international accolades include “Best Cinematography” and “Best Feature” (Canadian Cinematography Awards) and “Best Production Design” (MiraBan Art & Design Awards). “Little Deaths” was also a finalist in the Andrews/Bernard Award #2 from Decentralized Pictures, founded by Roman Coppola and American Zoetrope. The award was sponsored by director Steven Soderbergh.

“Little Deaths” was produced in association with 2293 Productions, and written and directed by Brian Follmer (“Out of Sight, Out of Mind”).

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Tickets to the November 30 premiere can be purchased online at

Q&A with the filmmakers to follow the 8pm screening.


Founded in 2010, Bullish Productions is dedicated to supporting auteur filmmakers and finding ways to integrate arthouse sensibilities with marketable end products. Committed to adapting in a global economy, Bullish Productions strives to integrate filmmaking with Web3 technology and embraces new paths in film finance and distribution.


Founded by longtime residents and movie veterans alike, the Sherman Oaks Film Festival looks to showcase the best undiscovered movies in the heart of Los Angeles. SOFF is a film festival brought to you by the Discover Indie Film Foundation (DIFF) a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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