collaboratehealth Announces Partnership With MedBridge Healthcare to Add Sleep Diagnostics to Their Hospital to Home 30-Day Readmission Reduction Program

collaboratehealth® partners with MedBridge Healthcare to provide sleep apnea screening, diagnosis and therapy monitoring through their current technology platform.

collaboratehealth®, a world-class remote healthcare technology platform that helps hospitals reduce costly and unnecessary 30-day patient readmissions while improving patient outcomes and experience, is thrilled to announce a new partnership with MedBridge Healthcare to utilize MedBridge's Comprehensive Sleep Diagnostic Services to reduce readmission rates among patients with sleep disorders. collaboratehealth is integrating MedBridge's technology with its remote care platform to enable early engagement, faster diagnosis, follow-up treatment, and health coaching for when patients are discharged from the hospital.

"We're excited to add MedBridge to our arsenal of best-in-breed offerings to further reduce preventable 30-day readmissions while improving patient satisfaction for health systems we serve. Utilizing MedBridge's comprehensive inpatient and at-home sleep program allows us to simplify the process of screening, diagnosing, and treating previously undiagnosed sleep apnea to reduce readmission rates for patients who have sleep disorders. Together we offer patients and providers a more accessible, convenient, and cost-efficient approach to addressing serious and significantly under-diagnosed sleep disorders that result in costly readmissions." - Charlie Caperton, Vice President at collaboratehealth

"We are eager to work with collaboratehealth to provide a more holistic approach to reducing hospital readmissions and lowering overall healthcare costs. We are proud of the work we've done supporting hospitals with sleep screening, diagnosing, and ensuring adherence to prescribed therapy for sleep disorders. collaboratehealth's software platform considers all of the patient's post-hospital needs from sleep apnea screening to medication reconciliation. Healthcare does not stop when the patient leaves the hospital - this post-discharge offering makes it easier for hospital professionals to ensure their patients receive the education, coaching, and at-home monitoring required to prevent readmissions and improve patient care and clinical outcomes." - John Mathias, Chief Development Officer at MedBridge Healthcare

About collaboratehealth®
collaboratehealth® is a cutting-edge healthcare technology platform that facilitates seamless collaboration and communication among healthcare providers, patients, and caregivers, resulting in enhanced patient care and improved healthcare delivery. The HIPAA-compliant platform allows for the secure exchange of critical patient information, streamlines care coordination, enables telehealth consultations, and facilitates remote patient monitoring. With its innovative tools, user-friendly interface and robust functionality, collaboratehealth empowers healthcare professionals to work together efficiently and coordinate care effectively. For more information, visit

About MedBridge Healthcare 
MedBridge Healthcare is the leading provider of sleep center management services and one of the top providers of home sleep apnea testing in the U.S. MedBridge provides a comprehensive fully-integrated model for screening, diagnosing, treating, and supporting patient adherence to therapy. MedBridge partners with some of the most innovative hospital systems and healthcare providers in the nation to improve access, cost and care for inpatient, outpatient, employer-based, and episodic care populations. For more information, visit

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Original Source: collaboratehealth Announces Partnership With MedBridge Healthcare to Add Sleep Diagnostics to Their Hospital to Home 30-Day Readmission Reduction Program

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