“”Cocoa”, Sweet Family Comedy Bakes Five Awards”

“Two sisters bumble their way into a sweet chocolate revenge”

“”Cocoa’s” Five Awards Solidifies interest in the TV Show”

“Jody didn’t take the easy route with her script! The same intricacies and plot lines, converging story lines, as in “Babylon”. I can’t stop talking about this film! Very, very funny.”

— Paul Sonski

ENCINO, CA, USA, January 9, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — “Cocoa”, The uproarious family-friendly comedy that not only tickles the funny bone but also warms the heart —has now won 5 prestigious film awards including Accolade and RED film festivals!

Jody Mortara wrote and stars in this heart warming female comedy as well as co directing with Joe Gawalis.

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“These awards validate my goal as a film maker. I wanted to bring entertainment to the entire family, but not sacrifice an intricate story line for those wanting twists and turns. To be able to achieve this without vulgarities, and sexual content was liberating.” Jody Mortara-writer, Co-Director, Co-Star, Producer.

In “Cocoa,” Jody Mortara and Megan McGarvey take center stage as the lovable and eccentric sisters, Faith and Hope. This heartwarming tale follows the duo’s journey from rivalry to redemption, all while chasing their dreams of creating a revolutionary chocolate cake that defies the laws of calories.

The success of this film has led to more chocolate covered adventures with a television show in development, tentatively entitled, “Cocoa Capers”. The same zany characters will return with the introduction of a few new agitators.

Log Line: “Two sisters’ revolutionary chocolate cake that makes you lose weight is the hit of the country, until Faith Appletrees’ old high school friend surfaces with horrible news, she changed the weight loss formula at her franchise in Beverly Hills, and now this entitled crowd is gaining weight, and they are out for blood!

A mob boss, an unscrupulous accountant, the vet that killed the family dog, and a delusional young reporter are baking up their own chocolate mayhem. If the sisters don’t find a way out of this chocolate covered nightmare, there won’t be any place to hide, Or anymore cake to eat!”

And just like the film “Cocoa”, “Cocoa Capers” won’t just serve up laughs, it will endear our sisters, Faith and Hope, to all audiences as they, once again, find themselves navigating through one sticky situation after another.

From the vanity of the Beverly Hills pretty people to the old disruptors from New York. The sisters have to cook up new recipes to save their chocolate weight loss invention.

“Cocoa Capers,” the deliciously blended treat from the mind of Jody Mortara, will be more than just a comedy—it will be a testament to the power of family, resilience, and the enduring bond between sisters.

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