Cliff Beach Shares Modern Strategy for Self Help

Cliff Beach, American Singer/ Songwriter/ Music Producer/ Author

Cliff Beach, "Side Hustle & Flow"

Cliff Beach, “Side Hustle & Flow”

Cliff Beach, "Side Hustle & Flow"

Cliff Beach, “Side Hustle & Flow”

Deeper Grooves With Cliff Beach - - 88.5 FM

Deeper Grooves With Cliff Beach – – 88.5 FM

Cliff Beach, American Singer/ Songwriter/ Music Producer/ Author

Cliff Beach, American Singer/ Songwriter/ Music Producer/ Author

Singer/ Songwriter/ Producer Cliff Beach Shares Modern Strategy for Self Help – ‘Side Hustle & Flow’
-2023’s Answer for Obtaining Goals and Reaching Dreams

If every person were to see things through the author’s eyes and put a positive twist on every experience, the world would be filled with less negativity.”

— – Diana Coyle for Reader Views

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, October 12, 2023 / — Having performed live for more than 20 years while balancing a day job, Cliff Beach, is passionate about helping people do more of what they love. The talented singer/ songwriter and music producer has recently released his book, ‘Side Hustle & Flow‘, which chronicles his musical journey while he balanced a day job. The book describes a detailed and realistic approach to success by using slow and strategic methodical steps as well as measuring the results. After using the method to hit to launch multiple projects, Cliff has released Side Hustle & Flow to inspire people everywhere, and within any industry, to truly achieve their goals.

Side Hustle & Flow is much more than a memoire and is quite different from a dusty self-help book. Rather than setting lofty, unobtainable goals, Cliff embodies the “every man”, taking slow and strategic, methodical steps toward obtaining your own version of success, which the readers can also aspire to and achieve in their own right. The book contains ten chapters, chronicling Cliff’s journey in music from getting kicked off “American Idol” to finding success with his hit song “Confident”. It explains how the reader can start doing more passion projects and working toward identified goals while continuing to work their day job. “Side Hustle & Flow” contains a detailed and realistic approach, unlike those which promise that one can become a multi-millionaire with minimal effort. Side Hustle & Flow outlines proven steps and principles for the average person, and an actionable guide that anyone can use to achieve their goals and dreams.

Cliff covers topics such as the myth of motivation, realistic time management, and the modern art of side hustling. He outlines the benefits of fulfillment outside of the workplace and also maintaining diversified income streams. He shares the benefits of having a realistic action plan with measurable goals, cutting out distractions, and remaining committed and accountable to one’s ‘Side Hustle”. Whether creating a passion project, achieving or obtaining personal goals, Cliff’s steps for Side Hustle & Flow provide a modern and fun approach toward reaching fulfillment.

“Cliff Beach blends a powerful mémoire with important lessons on exactly how to pull oneself up by one’s bootstraps. In providing the logic, methodology, and mindset of this approach, Beach offers an accessible, important series of lessons that makes his book a ‘must’ for [readers of] self-help, inspirational, or psychology…”— Diane Donovan ― Midwest Book Review

“An accessibly written self-help book designed to help people be the best they can be.’ -A ‘Wishing Shelf’ Book Review

“Side Hustle & Flow by Cliff Beach is an actionable guide to achieving set goals and bringing side projects to fruition. It contains inspiring anecdotes and encouraging information for anyone who wants to start and grow their side hustle. Highly recommended to first-time and seasoned entrepreneurs.”
– Edith Wairimu – Readers’ Favorite -5 star review

“Beach’s rags-to-riches story is one to really appreciate. The struggle to make it big in the field one is passionate about is so universally experienced that it makes his story relatable to almost anyone. Beach faced hardship in pursuing his dreams, and so [he] can dish out his advice from a position of experience. – Kieron Cartwright, Books Writer, Felix UK

“Side Hustle & Flow: 10 Principles to Live and Lead a More Productive Life in Less Time,’ is an enlightening and informative narrative that readers of any age could find helpful and take a lesson or two away to fit to themselves in their present life situation. If every person were to see things through the author’s eyes and put a positive twist on every experience, the world would be filled with less negativity. After reading this book, readers will become more focused on their goals and achieve them quicker than before.” – Diana Coyle for Reader Views

Cliff was the winner of the John Lennon Songwriting Contest, two world songwriting awards, four global music awards, a California music video and film award, nominated for four LA Music Awards, and more. Cliff’s single “Confident” was featured on Spotify’s ‘All Funked Up’ and ‘Funk Drive’ playlists with nearly 1 million streams. Cliff’s highly anticipated Independent EP, “Who the Funk Is Cliff Beach?” was nominated for three L.A. Music Awards, including Record of the Year, and a Hollywood Music in Media Award. Cliff has been featured in a live review in Music Connection Magazine and as a performer at TEDx Napa Valley. Cliff is currently the host of Deeper Grooves podcast and Radio Hour for The SoCal Sound.

Cliff is available for interviews and his mini documentary for “Side Hustle & Flow” is available for airplay and features. Please contact: [email protected] for more information. Don’t miss a beat, sign up and register for new Side Hustle & Flow Course available at:

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