Chessnut Announces the Chessnut Evo – a Revolutionary Human-AI Powered Chessboard

Human-AI Powered Chessboard

Today the Chessnut team, known for their innovative electronic chessboards, announced the upcoming of Chessnut Evo - a next-gen chessboard with human-like AI and a suite of powerful features that make it the most advanced and intuitive electronic chessboard for all levels of players. Powered by the latest Maia Chess AI and Chessnut's robust piece recognition technology, with each piece having a built-in chip that enables it to be recognized, players of all levels can improve their chess skills anytime, anywhere. To learn more visit here.

Chessnut Evo challenges players with a built-in human-like AI called Maia Chess which is designed by Microsoft. Maia uses advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to analyze the board and make strategic moves that mimic the thought processes of a human player. And what's even more interesting is that you can import historical chess game records of famous chess players. Chessnut Evo can quickly train AIs that match the chess style and skill level of these players, making "them" your training partners. This personalized training method will provide users with practical and effective ways to enhance their game.

"The best way to improve your chess skills is to play against different human opponents, rather than relying solely on traditional rigid chess engines. Traditional chess engines only focus on how to beat you, and they do not teach you how to identify and avoid mistakes that humans tend to make. Our goal with Chessnut Evo is to provide players with a realistic human-like chess-playing experience, so they can enjoy playing, gain experience, and quickly improve their chess skills. Importing historical chess game records of famous chess players also allows you to train your personal coach, further enhancing your training experience. Playing against this customizable AI gives players a powerful tool to improve fast and play whenever they choose." - Chessnut Co-Founder Kyle Wang.

Using a built-in NPU (neural processing unit) to achieve accurate image recognition and simulate human clicks, Chessnut Evo supports the most popular online chess platforms and applications, allowing users to play against opponents from all around the world while experiencing the traditional feel of a physical chessboard. Boasting a 12.3-inch large screen, an 8-core Android system, and a built-in NPU, Evo's powerful hardware and intuitive features elevate gameplay. Chessnut Evo will also have an open software ecosystem. Users can download their favorite apps from the built-in marketplace or develop their own applications using Chessnut open SDK - EasyLinkSDK. In addition, Chessnut Evo is also integrated with LC0zero, a cutting-edge open-source chess engine that utilizes deep machine learning techniques and neural network training. With Chessnut Evo, users can even develop their own chess AI.

Chessnut Evo's revolutionary human-like AI-powered chessboard represents a new era of chess for players of all levels from beginner to pro. It gives players the power to challenge themselves against an unlimited number of AI opponents at any level, at any time. Featuring compatibility with the most popular online platforms and support for third-party apps, it is the most robust and capable electronic chessboard available today and the best way for players to take their chess game to the next level. Chessnut Evo is coming soon on Kickstarter with special pricing and incentives for early adopters. To learn more visit here.

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