California Legislative Black Caucus & RIAA to Celebrate 50th Anniversary of West Coast Hip-Hop History with Resolution

California Legislative Black Caucus &  RIAA to Celebrate 50th Anniversary of  West Coast Hip-Hop History with Resolution

CLBC Chair Assemblymember Lori Wilson (right) Jamilia Land/ ASAP co-founder (left)


SACRAMENTO, CA, USA, August 10, 2023/ — Members of the California Legislative Black Caucus, the Recording Industry Association of America, and the Bring the Peace Movement, announced today the “50th Anniversary of West Coast Hip-Hop History & Peace Rally” to take place on Monday, August 14, 11:00 AM, in Sacramento, CA, at the State Capitol. The historical event will recognize the outstanding contributions of creatives and executives who have made significant contributions to West Coast hip-hop history. These hip-hop trailblazers will be recognized on the California State Assembly and California State Senate floor, thanks to the efforts of the California Legislative Black Caucus leaders, Chair, Assembly Member Lori Wilson, and Vice-Chair, Senator Steven Bradford. The program will also include a rally for peace on the steps of the Capitol, a voter registration drive, and entertainment. 
The Watts Riots and other episodes of civil unrest on the West Coast gave rise to a music genre and global culture, hip-hop. From DJs to MCs, lockers to labels, aerosol art to fashion, hip-hop became the voice for the voiceless to speak truth to power. Not without issues, West Coast hip-hop spawned new sounds and lyrics, giving rise to a powerful cultural narrative. Using the 50th anniversary of hip-hop as a hook, community activist and event organizer Jamilia Land, created a politics, poetry, peace, and proclamation program to highlight hip-hop history and call for peace.

“This is a time of celebration and reflection,” stated Jamilia Land, co-founder, The Anti-Violence, Safety, and Accountability Project (ASAP) and lead, California Bring The Peace Movement (BtPM). “We acknowledge the monumental achievements of West Coast artists and also reflect on the effect of unresolved trauma and violence in the Culture.” California State Senator Steven Bradford and Vice-Chair of the California Legislative Black Caucus echoed the sentiment, “The 50th Anniversary of hip-hop is a significant moment to honor California’s pivotal contributions to the music and culture around this genre. Hip-hop has created a pathway for people to express themselves artistically, build businesses, and connect with audiences around the world. I’m proud of the historic contributions that have been made by the people of the district I represent that includes Compton, Inglewood, Long Beach, and Los Angeles.”

“The West Coast hip-hop ecosystem is a driving force in California’s creative economy,” added California State Assembly Member Lori Wilson and Chair of the California Legislative Black Caucus, who spearheaded the event, “Flowers for hip-hop are long overdue. The honor is ours. ” RIAA’s Senior Vice President, Artist & Industry Relations Chief, West Coast Operations Joel Flatow observed “Hip-hop’s legacy and impact is one of the biggest developments in music in the last fifty years and it’s an honor to join this celebration. RIAA is proud to recognize the incredible artists, musicians, culture, and community of West Coast hip-hop!”  

Other event organizers include JoHanna “J” Thompson, Bring The Peace Movement, T; Elizabeth Kim, Organized Voices; Hayon, EDUtainment; James Jackson, iSound Music Media and several community partners.

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