Brux Night Guard (BNG) Named One of the Best Night Guards for Grinding Teeth of 2023 by Verywell Health

Brux Night Guard's small, unique design was named Best for Minimalists by the Verywell Health panel of dental professionals

BNG\u00ae Brux Night Guard

BNG\u00ae Brux Night Guard

BNG® Brux Night Guard's ( revolutionary design that is smaller than most dental guards and moldable by the consumer was named one of the Best Night Guards for Grinding Teeth of 2023 by Verywell Health.

Brux Night Guard was chosen as the "Best Night Guard for Minimalists" because of its small design that only covers the front teeth, instead of all the teeth like traditional night guards.

Brux is honored to be recognized as a leader in the field of teeth grinding night guards by such a well-read and respected publication like Verywell Health.

Their editorial process includes testing products at the Verywell Testing Lab, at-home tests, and utilizing a network of board-certified physicians on their Health Medical Expert Board with evidence-based research and fact-checkers to determine the best night guards for grinding teeth and other health products.

After years of trying night guards that were either too hard or too soft, too expensive, and so large they caused a gag reflex, the team at Brux consulted with dentists and designers to put their favorite features into one compact design that has finally helped the team overcome their own bruxism symptoms. Complete mouth guard molding instructions are available on the website.

About Brux Night Guard

BNG® Brux Night Guard was founded in 2016 to provide a more convenient and cost-effective solution for teeth grinding and clenching caused by bruxism. Brux is made in the USA for teeth grinders by teeth grinders who struggled for years with jaw pain and headaches until designing this unique nighttime mouth guard for teeth grinding.

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Original Source: Brux Night Guard (BNG) Named One of the Best Night Guards for Grinding Teeth of 2023 by Verywell Health

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